This is no longer what Mimir Kristjanjon looks like

This is no longer what Mimir Kristjanjon looks like

political red and Former ‘Farmin Kjendis’ Mimir Kristjanjoon (35) Busy man. He’s currently in the middle of the run-up to the Norwegian Parliament elections this fall, and when See and Hear touched on the topic, he was just in a debate.

– It went very well, he rolled the six dice, he says, laughing at his own efforts.

– Maybe in time

However, Christianson is known for his messy flesh, but he no longer looks like that. Rogalingen has a haircut.

– Yes, things went badly after that. It was an accident, he says.

The 35-year-old explains that he wants a hair clipper for his birthday. The goal was to leave a few centimeters of hair on his head, but when he started that didn’t happen.

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– It was a millimeter and a full roll. Then I realized fairly quickly that I had no other solution here than to “shine” everything.

The Red Politician says the result has not been good at all. The head was stained, and hair was falling out in big piles, so it was just a matter of marking the path in the direction of a hair salon.

– Probably the easiest job they’ve had in a while. I’m thin in my hair anyway, so maybe it’s time.

– He didn’t really intend to remove everything. The plan was short but hairy. Kristjson admits I have to keep my beard.

Campaign stunt

As mentioned, Rogalindin is a red politician, and therefore he is on a frantic election campaign. It is not uncommon for politicians to make various stunts to get attention before elections. However, this was not Christianson’s intention:

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– It was by no means an election campaign no, he says, and adds:

– Some say he looks more masculine and decent, while others think I look like a sour old man – which is not good for Red. I hope the election campaign didn’t smoke because of this, but I don’t know how many people voted for the party because of my looks.

It’s now been two days since Christianson had his hair done, and he says it’s starting to recover. But is “hair weaving” here to stay?

– Harald and I both had a little messy thin welder, so it might be time to realize that this is the way things are. He probably didn’t come to stay, but cuteness and age draw me towards him, so at some point that’s probably how I ended up, laughs.

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If the hair comes back, he’s still assuring he’ll learn the clipper before he starts again — or he might take a trip to the hairdresser.

Now the politician is looking forward first and foremost to the campaign trail, so he can see more family members, who earlier this summer moved from three to four. Christianson and his fiancee got specifically Daughter Kitty in July. They already have an older sister, Usta, who is four years old.

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