This is part of Do We Dance This Year »

This is part of Do We Dance This Year »

On August 28, the first episode of the seventeenth season of the popular TV show “Skal vi danse” will be broadcast on TV 2. The channel writes in a press release.

-It’s great to finally be able to see who the 12 participants will be rocking the floor in “Skal vi danse,” says TV 2’s Program Editor, Katherine Haldorsen.

These are participating in this year’s season:

Anniken Jørgensen (25), influences

Marine Lundby (26), ski jumper

Elin Ørjasæter (59), commentator and lecturer at Christiania University

Siri Nilminie Avlesen-Østli (37), journalist and host

Iselin Guttormsen (34), sexologist and podcaster

Alejandro Fuentes (33), artist

Royan Harakati (28) artist

Dennis Farred (31), YouTube

Joachim Klevin (28), influencer and filmmaker

Magnus Moan (37), joint runner and television commentator

Øyvind «Vinny» Sovic (45), artist

Simon Nitsche (29), sportsanker i TV 2

This year’s participants: Fv Elin Ørjasæter, Alejandro Fuentes, Dennis Vareide, Joakim Kleven, Maren Lundby, Iselin Guttormsen, Anniken Jorgensen, Royane Harkati, Magnus Moan, Øyvind “Vinni” Sauvik, Siri Nilminiestcheli-Avlesen. Photo: Frederic Arf/TV 2 (montage)

Two men dancing couple

For the first time in the program’s history, a two-man dancing couple competes. Halldorsen believes that it is important that “Skal vi danse” represents diversity in society.

“Do we dance” should be more than “just” an entertainment programme, we also want to represent diversity and pave the way for tolerance, she says.

– I can’t believe I agree with that! I’ve always dreamed of participating in Shall We Dance, and I had an even bigger dream of being allowed to dance with a guy, and Benjamin is the perfect dance partner, says Joachim Klevin who will be dancing with Benjamin Jaiacody, according to TV 2s press release.

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