– This is total mess! – V.G.

- This is total mess!  - V.G.
Eldorado: City view in Oslo and long queues with many people in Torcota.

OSLO CENTER (VG) has a full banquet in many places in the country. – Don’t expect so much confusion!


Tom W. Christiansen (photo)


– This is total confusion. I do not know what to say. There are a lot of sick people out there, OBSO tells Viji, Jagger’s slightly bustling bar manager at a nightclub in Sabina Lindle.

After 562 days of national efforts, there is a full banquet in many places in Norway after the country reopened on Saturday afternoon.

At midnight, there are still long queues in many places around central Oslo.

In Jeker, Oslo, more and more people have come and they have to open an additional dance floor downstairs.

In front of the bar, people are crowded trying to catch three bartenders.

To pass the crowd to the dance floor in the backyard, one has to hold a 20-minute competition with close contact. There are races for standing and sitting inside the nightclub, and the clamps are loose

– I did not expect there to be so much chaos here. But it’s fun, we missed people, she says before she runs.

– Put Oslo at their feet

Viji talks to three men who are in the nightclub and they say there are a lot of people out there.

– The atmosphere is absolutely amazing! You almost have to break the bar, it’s completely wild, says one of them.

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Outside, the rows stretch for several tens of meters, and not everyone has great faith in getting into nightclubs by the end of the evening.

– It looks so bad. We thought about who was here at the age of 21, but the line did not move, says Ditrick Berg (27).

He stands in line with a group of friends outside the nightclub.

– It’s fun with a party, I was out with the family all day. There is good environment everywhere. But there will be so much queue now, I don’t think, he says.

City Councilman Raymond Johansson made a clear appeal to the people of Oslo who want to reopen the community on Saturday:

– Put Oslo at their feet. It is a wonderful city. Let people be happy now and use the city, show this city to Oslo now, the love we have shown for many months now. We are ready, I think here in Oslo and the rest of Norway too.

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Nice environment in Stavanger

Elsewhere in the country there is a complete party environment. Southwest Police posted photos of the streets in Stavanger on Twitter, where the center was crowded with people.

– Nice environment for re-opening! The police writes.

Jaran Solheim, operations manager for the Southwest Police District, confirms that Viji has a good environment in the city.

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– It’s a good event with music and fireworks under the auspices of the municipality, he says.

Solheim says there was no noise among the people at the center so far Saturday night.

Police in the city of Trondheim report a lot of people at the Trondheim center. They write on Twitter that there is congestion in the queues at nightclubs.

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