This is what Anastasia looks like today

This is what Anastasia looks like today

popular singer Anastasia (53), Her real name is Anastasia Lynn Newkirk, in recent years she has retired from the spotlight and has maintained a relatively low profile.

She was a hit as an artist in the early 2000s and was a hit with the hit songs “I’m Out of Love”, “I Left Out” and “I Paid My Dues”. Since then, much has changed, including the artist himself.

Earlier this year, she reappeared on screen, much to the surprise of everyone. She hid behind the mask as “The Vampire” in the Australian version of “Maskorama”.

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folk artist

Throughout her career, Anastacia has made a name for herself as a very talented artist. She is perhaps best known for her quintessential 21st century style and tinted glasses.

Her debut album “Not That Kind” reached the top ten in all eight countries in Europe and Asia. It was four times platinum in Europe and triple platinum in Australia.

Famous style: Anastasia in her signature style during the World #1 Stunt Awards in 2001. Photo: Peter Brooker/REX/NTB

Famous style: Anastasia in her signature style during the World #1 Stunt Awards in 2001. Photo: Peter Brooker/REX/NTB
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Now, on the other hand, it’s been nearly 22 years since the “I Paid My Dues” singer debuted as an artist. She has reached the age of 53 and seems to be coping well with her age.

At least it looks like this if we look at her Instagram account, where she is somewhat more active and updates the appearance of her followers more often. In September, she made it to the premiere of “Freaks Out” at the Venice Film Festival, Italy.

“I loved my dress from the Venice Film Festival yesterday, thanks to my beauty team,” she wrote in several of the photos she shared.

On the red carpet, Anastasia stood in front of the paparazzi, while she radiated in a black and beige off-the-shoulder dress with a green bag.

Radiant: The artist shone on the red carpet.  Photo: Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP/NTB

Radiant: The artist shone on the red carpet. Photo: Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP/NTB
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The 53-year-old was set to make a big comeback with the “Outta Lockdown 22nd Anniversary Tour” last year in Europe and the UK.

However, it did not go as planned due to the Corona pandemic, and it has now been postponed until 2022. Despite the postponement, I managed to maintain a positive attitude.

Previously, she has also stated that not all of the shutdowns have been productive for her, and she admitted that she struggled to find inspiration.

“I wasn’t good at working from home. I wasn’t like ‘I have a lot of ideas.’ No. I just didn’t want to get creative and felt ‘What’s wrong with me, why can’t I do that?'” she said at the time, according to Evening Standard.

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afraid of the sound

The artist also revealed Instagram Earlier this year she underwent extensive neck surgery – about six weeks before she attended her ‘Mascurama’.

Since the surgeon performed the operation near her vocal cords, I feared he might spoil her voice. However, she was told that it might be easier for her to reach the high notes after the operation.

“I am sure many of you don’t know that I have two very bad herniated discs in my neck that have lasted for over 20 years. Even ten years ago I was told that surgery was the only option,” she wrote and continued:

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“Well, as a singer, I was very worried about how an operation like this would affect my voice. So I just put it off. My need to share my journey is that I felt that if there are people living with neck and back pain, don’t look at surgery as the end. It’s in The truth is a new beginning.

He was diagnosed with breast cancer

In 2003, the pop star was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time and underwent both surgery and radiotherapy to get rid of the disease.

Ten years later I got Breast cancer for the second time He subsequently had to cancel all concerts, travel and shows. In addition to a cancer diagnosis, she also had to struggle with Crohn’s disease since she was 13 years old.

In 2013, the artist appeared in the magazine ErrorIt showed visible scars after breast cancer surgery.

– I’m nervous about letting people really see them. But I want the opportunity to go to the beach without the paparazzi being the first to take pictures of my body. She told the magazine: I want to be free.

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The scars, which usually appear on the front of the body after this procedure, extend down the back of the anastasia. The surgeons had to find another way to perform the operation because of her tattooed body.

– I did not expect the scars to be so long, but this was the only way to do it, she said in the interview.

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