This is what Hareide thinks about the way forward for KrF

This is what Hareide thinks about the way forward for KrF

On Saturday, Minister for Children and Families Kegel Ingolf Robstadt (KrF) announced He resigns as minister and KrF leader.

Uptonboston is withdrawing based on the recently abbreviated commuter housing case.

Since an address was recorded in the boys ‘room at his parents’ house in Actor, Robstodt appears to have escaped a large sum of money from the tax.

– I think Saturday was a sad and heavy day. I have worked closely with Kjell Ingolf for many years, but he chose to resign with a clear and clear apology, former KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide told TV 2 on Sunday.

More candidates

Now the KrF, a party that ended just below the threshold in this year’s election, is without a leader.

Dag Inge Ulstein and Olaug Bollestad are both vying for the lead.

– We have many talented candidates in charge. I think we all see that KrF is in a demanding situation, so we need a leader who is bold and makes the right choices in the future, ”says Harrett.

He hopes the new leader will get the most important job.

– A new party leader could be room for maneuvering to take the necessary steps in the future, he says.

He does not think the 2018 first-choice debate will affect the upcoming presidential election, with Kezel Ingolf being elected president of Robstad. At the time, there was disagreement over whether the party should enter into government cooperation with the bourgeoisie.

– Going forward, access to new voter groups will be crucial. We have seen many examples of parties ending below the limit, but they have been able to come back, he says.

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Uncertain future

Harrett rejects his return as KrF leader.

– He says it would not be right for me or the party.

Harrett is now out of the starting lineup and he has no idea what he will do in the future.

– I have a vacation from my job at Shipst, but I still do not have time to contact them. Think about what I’m going to do in the future and use it next time, he says.

One thing is for sure for him.

– I spend more time with family and friends. Marrying a politician is like marrying someone who always runs when food is taken, so now it will be a new era, he says.

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