This is what the scooter looked like after charging

This is what the scooter looked like after charging

On Thursday afternoon, the Vestfold Fire Service was notified of a fire in a listed house in Werder.

The on-the-job fire chief, Einar Vlogland, was the first person on the scene and immediately saw smoke rising from the electric scooter inside the apartment.

– There was no one in the house when the fire broke out, and a fire-observant neighbor reported it. Unfortunately, the townhouse unit is uninhabitable. Flujstad says there is soot damage throughout the apartment, which needs to be addressed.

Batteries emit fire

Vestfold Interkommunale Brannvesen states that there have been several serious fires using lithium batteries for motorcycles and bicycles recently.

When powerful rechargeable lithium batteries catch fire, they can quickly get ugly. Photo: Vestfold Inter-Municipal Fire Brigade

There are millions of powerful rechargeable lithium batteries, and sometimes they catch fire. Such fires pose challenges, as they are difficult to put out and batteries give off fires that can quickly spread to indoor areas and other combustible materials, the fire chief says.

Therefore, Flogeland is clear that there is every reason to keep these products in check when shipping, as errors do occur from time to time.

To prevent this type of fire, the fire chief’s obvious advice is:

  • Avoid charging indoors
  • Always be there
  • Don’t leave at night


The Norwegian Fire Protection Association states that more and more fires are caused by battery charging.

Shipping Rules

  1. Charge in rooms with smoke alarms
  2. Charge when you’re awake and present
  3. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use
  4. It is recommended to use the original charger
  5. Charge on a surface that does not burn easily
  6. Don’t leave in bed
  7. Do not leave in hallways or stairs. It should be able to be used as an escape route in case of fire
  8. Replace damaged equipment
  9. Stop charging if there is noise, odor or abnormally high temperature
  10. In the event of smoke or flames, call the fire brigade at 110

    Source: Norwegian Fire Protection Association

The Fire Protection Association’s captain, Rolf Sortorp, thinks the increase is frightening.

– Unfortunately, there were several serious fires at night last year that started charging equipment or battery. If burning starts during sleep, says Søtorp, it’s important to be woken up by smoke alarms as soon as possible before smoke and flames take over.

In a recent survey, 1 in 4 admitted they don’t follow the number one charging rule, not charging in rooms without smoke alarms.

The most important thing you can do for prevention is to have fire alarms in the room you are charging. The second is that you are awake and present when using the charger. But here, unfortunately, many people get it wrong, says Sötterop

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