This is what the vacuum cleaner looked like after charging

This is what the vacuum cleaner looked like after charging

The fires of electric bikes, rechargeable drills, and mobile phone chargers are hard to deal with at night when we sleep. The new numbers show that, however, a lot is charged in rooms without smoke alarms.

A new survey by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association shows that 1 in 4 does not follow the number one charging rule, not charging in rooms without smoke alarms.

Fire Protection Association captain Rolf Sortorp thinks the numbers are frightening.

– Unfortunately, there were several serious fires at night last year that started charging equipment or battery. If burning starts during sleep, says Søtorp, it’s important to be woken up by smoke alarms as soon as possible before smoke and flames take over.

Thawed: This rechargeable vacuum cleaner was completely destroyed in a fire. Photo: Krepos

– Too dramatic

In the latest survey, 27 percent admitted that they charge in rooms without smoke alarms.

The most important thing you can do for prevention is to have fire alarms in the room you are charging. The second is that you are awake and present when using the charger. But here, unfortunately, many people make mistakes, says Soutrup.

With more and more electrical items in the home, more and more people feel that batteries that catch fire can be frightening and develop rapidly.

Shipping Rules

  1. Charge in rooms with smoke alarms
  2. Charge when you’re awake and present
  3. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use
  4. It is recommended to use the original charger
  5. Charge on a surface that does not burn easily
  6. Don’t leave in bed
  7. Do not leave in hallways or stairs. It should be able to be used as an escape route in case of fire
  8. Replace damaged equipment
  9. Stop charging if there is noise, odor or abnormally high temperature
  10. In the event of smoke or flames, call the fire brigade at 110
    Source: Norwegian Fire Protection Association

– Yes, such fires can be very tragic. We have recorded that these fires are very difficult. The fire chief says the lithium battery on a scooter or electric bike is hard to extinguish.

The reason these fires are so difficult to put out is because these batteries have chemical reactions that contain enough oxygen not to extinguish themselves.

Don’t leave in bed

– What should we pay extra attention to when shipping?

We understand that finding a safe place to ship it is routine in many homes. But if you charge your mobile phone and other small devices on a non-combustible surface, that’s a very good measure, says Sutterop.

– It is very convenient for many to charge their mobile phone or electric scooter at night. How smart is this?

– We are not naive. Unfortunately, this is not the case with many people. The phone is used as an alarm clock, among other things. We say you should not try. Try to get routines when we get into an electrical future, with more and more electrical elements, so you can keep the risk low. So that there is nothing flammable nearby and at least do not put your mobile phone in bed.


– How do you feel that people know about this?

– The interesting thing is that when we do research, it turns out that most people are anxious and afraid of fire. But when it comes to practical work, it is not pursued. For this we arrange a fire protection week every year, which begins today. He says the focus is this year.

The Fire Protection Manager says the goal of Fire Protection Week is as difficult as preventing fires.

It’s easy to get resources on the day there’s a fire and it’s a fact. We believe there is a significant under-reporting in this area. And it’s important to think proactively and have a good routine, which means we don’t have to face major life-threatening events, says Sortorp.

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