May 22, 2022


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This is where Microsoft's operating system runs junk

This is where Microsoft’s operating system runs junk

Windows Central was able to provide and install the Andromeda OS which Microsoft chose to get rid of for obvious reason.

Andromeda Control Panel was used in Windows 11

And that’s why there isn’t a strong ecosystem, which is why they chose Android over the Surface Duo instead. Even in Windows, Microsoft has provided support for Android apps like beta, but the Windows Store is the main hub and much better than Windows 8s.

We wrote about Andromeda in 2018. At the time, it was the hardware, not the operating system, that had the codename.

It’s easy to see that the operating system took a lot of inspiration from Windows Phone with the well-known large app icons from Windows 8.

The duo with Andromeda will have a clever trick

The release from Summer 2018 (the Duo 1 launched more than two years later) runs on the Lumia 950, and offers insight into how Duo works with the OS, which is the device the OS was targeting.

Much of Andromeda is designed for the Surface Pen: the lock screen can be used as a laptop without the user having to do anything other than hold the pen. Also once the user opened the device, they were presented with a writing surface, presumably an early version of Microsoft Whiteboard built into Windows and used frequently with the Surface Slim Pen on Surface Pro devices (we have the Surface Pro 8 in for testing, as a digression).

Microsoft seems to be limited to Android, but it depends on the application ecosystem

It’s a good idea to do this using the notepad on the lock screen (no uniquely on the market), and something Microsoft will hopefully have the opportunity to implement in its Android platform as the Duo supports the Surface Slim Pen.

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Microsoft’s own experience also had a full gesture system and Cortana as a large part of the alert system. Cortana also didn’t deliver on Microsoft’s promise to have a wide enough user base, so it’s no surprise that they dropped that focus in Android Duo.

Previously summer 2018 Was the project in jeopardy?

The title of her article (Mary Jo Foley) is “Microsoft Doesn’t Expect Andromeda This Year, Or Maybe Never”.

We think it would be very sad if Microsoft did not come to terms with this. It may not have worked out, but who of you can bear to hear about the mobile number 10,000 that will be frameless next year?

Something new is needed, but Microsoft may not be able to provide it.”