This is where the Getaway car ends up in the middle of the potato field – VG

This is where the Getaway car ends up in the middle of the potato field - VG
In the Potato Fucker: The car must have gone downhill before being left between the potato cellar and Hans Hogan Westland’s garage on the Farland farm.

STOR-ELVDAL (VG) The car allegedly used to abduct a 20-year-old man from Tolka ended up in the middle of a potato field in Hans Hogan Westland, 63.


Almost a day later, police forces arrived at the farm.

On Sunday night, a 20-year-old man and his parents were assaulted by unidentified assailants at their home in Tolkien, Østerdalen.

The home was gunned down and a 20-year-old man was attacked by someone before being taken away in a car.

But the escape route down Østerdalen is not without problems.

According to Vijay, the getaway car left the road after driving for a while. It must have been exactly finished on Hans Hogan Westland’s potato field at the Freeland farm in Store-Elvadel.

– Then they drove back to the farm road and yard, hiding the car between the potato cellar and the garage, VG Friland says when they meet him at the farm, Westlund says.

According to Hammer ArbiterPlot The criminals had to change cars again and take a taxi from the Kopang area before continuing the journey. VG confirms the same information.

On the way to Westland, a few days after landing, you can still see many car tracks and footprints in the snow.

Taken a day later

Neither the farmer nor the neighbor, Tomas Mucca, noticed the spectacular scene on the farm that night.

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When Mukka went out to plow on Sunday night, he found tracks in the snow and an abandoned car allegedly belonging to the Toyota RAV4.

He thought someone was the only one who unfortunately drove downhill – thus leaving the car.

– So I tell Vijay I did not complain to the police.

It was only after sitting up and watching TV until Monday night that it became clear that the car could be linked to a kidnapping case in Tolkien, 130 km from the farm.

– Suddenly there was a lot of action and police on the farm, he says, and he says he went to the farm to wake up Westland.

According to the farmer, the police should have told them that they had found the roadside rails and so they went to the farm to check it.

According to Mućka, the front of the car must have been damaged.

Police play ends with: Hans Hogan Westland, owner of the farm, and Tomas Mukka, a neighbor and employee, end up in the middle of a kidnapping drama in Tolka after the kidnappers leave the car outside the potato cellar on the potato farm.

Police are investigating

Friland gård is a major producer of almond potatoes, and according to Westland, the farm can operate 24 hours a day. Thus, it is customary for vehicles to come and go at night.

– We have a self-service farm shop, so people can buy potatoes 24 hours a day, so they only give a tip. This often happens because we are on Highway 3, he says.

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Police reportedly took the car from the farm Monday night.

– Yesterday they came back here with dogs and several patrols, I think they were looking for clues, they could have left something, says Westerland.

Police on Tuesday questioned both him and Mukka in connection with the case.

Police action: Police arrived at the scene Sunday night to search an abandoned car at the Freeland farm in Store-Elvadal. They took it away after a while.

Two people were arrested

One person will be arraigned Wednesday in custody in Indre Østlandet District Court. According to his lawyer, Harold Grape, he pleads guilty to the sentence.

On Wednesday afternoon, police confirmed the arrest of another man. Police said that an investigation will be conducted soon with the person concerned.

Police on Tuesday confirmed that one of the principles on which they operate is that the abduction has a credit background. They did not rule out the possibility of several more arrests in this case.

Driving out: The outgoing car is said to have run off the road to the White House in the background and ended up on the ground, before going further up in the yard where Thomas Mukka stands. Then it went further into the yard and went back to the potato cellar, where it was dropped.
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