This is why IT projects fail

This is why IT projects fail

We constantly hear about IT projects that exceed their financial limits, are not delivered on time and in the end often fail to deliver what they were supposed to.

Future-oriented organizations simplify and automate their IT infrastructure while integrating systems and services into comprehensive solutions that allow more control and visibility. Automation is the key to simplifying or eliminating manual processes, and it can free employees from routine tasks so that they can use their time and expertise to innovate, which will move the organization forward.

Change Rustadmo Strom. Image: Dell Technologies

The foundation for getting there lies in the enterprise IT architecture, and the introduction of Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI). This means that you consolidate data processing, storage, networking, virtualization, management, and other services into the same solution. Not only does it provide easier management, but it also makes it easier to scale when needed.

Those who have modernized with highly converged solutions are organizations that need new types of data processing and modernization processes — as well as become more efficient. Today, HCI is equally involved in the evaluation among organizations planning a technology upgrade or modernization of their infrastructure.

Many organizations have in common that they want a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), faster rollout, simpler and more efficient operation, as well as better expansion options. All of these elements characterize HCI, and the sooner organizations can modernize their data centers, the faster they can extract these values.

Organization can update with cost control and data. In addition to automating more, one can move from a model where the organization owns and invests in it over the next few years to a ‘solution as a service’ – with the option to consume IT. This makes the organization flexible and able to quickly adjust the IT infrastructure as needed.

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In this picture, portability is very important, to avoid being locked into a single resource. Pricing for public cloud services is increasing, and organizations with solutions that support the ability to easily use many different public cloud services alongside private cloud services have better control over costs, performance, and security.

Change Rustadmo Strom

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