This is why married couple Ida Warg and Alexandre Parleros sleep apart

This is why married couple Ida Warg and Alexandre Parleros sleep apart

Swedish influencer Ida Warg, 35, and her husband, Alexander Barleros, 37, have had an impressive career as entrepreneurs of their own.

Among other things, she’s been a hit with her own beauty brand, while he has the podcast “Fremgångspodden”.

sleep separately

The Radar couple has been married for six years, and they have son Elvis (4) and daughter Alba (1) together.

Recently, Warg amazingly revealed about the marriage. I did this during a question round on TikTok.

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She and her husband sleep in separate bedrooms.

– I don’t know how many comments I’ve had about this, but yeah, Alex and I sleep in different bedrooms, and we’ve been doing this for four years now, she says on TikTok, reproduced by Express.

She explains that their oldest child did not sleep well in the early years. When he started sleeping through the night, his one-year-old daughter was born – and she doesn’t sleep through the night either.

Furthermore, the influencer says that since they both work a lot and need the energy that sleep provides, they take care of the babies every two nights, and she says she then sleeps like a “princess” every two nights.

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many reasons

Warg stresses that the toddler period is the main reason they sleep apart, but that’s not the only reason the couple would prefer to have separate rooms.

– I also like to keep my room clean and tidy, Alex doesn’t care at all. That’s why I think it’s so good to have everything organised, clean and tidy when I go to bed. Alex can get into a mess because he doesn’t care, says the 35-year-old, continuing:

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– Then I can also take the things he threw everywhere and throw them in his room, it’s so cute.

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