November 29, 2022


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This is why the Meta is angry with Apple again

This is why the Meta is angry with Apple again

Apple has elected to require the use of in-app purchases for promoted social media posts.

meta will likely struggle against this

This means that the company now receives 30 percent of revenue from services such as Meta, Snapchat and Instagram.

In a post on the App Store blog on October 24, Apple added 3.1.3, saying:

“Applications whose sole purpose is to allow advertisers (individuals or companies advertising a product, service or event) to purchase and manage advertising campaigns across media types (TV, outdoor, websites, apps, etc.) do not need to use i- App purchases. These apps are for campaign management purposes and do not display the same ads,” the exception explains.

This is it Not Exception: “Digital purchases of content to be tried or consumed in an app, including the purchase of ads to appear in the same app (such as selling ‘boosts’ for posts in a social media app), must use in-app purchases.”

In May last year, Apple’s head of the App Store, Phil Schiller, stated that iOS developers never get paid for their ad revenue. So this is no longer true.

That’s what dead says

To The Verge, Meta spokesperson Tom Channick explains:

Apple continues to develop policies to grow its own business while undermining others in the digital economy. Apple previously said it wasn’t taking a portion of the developers’ advertising revenue, but it has now apparently changed its mind. We remain committed to providing small businesses with easy ways to run ads and grow their business on our apps.”

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To Gizmodo, the counterparty, Apple, states:

“For many years now, App Store guidelines have been clear that sales of digital goods and services in the app should use in-app purchases,” Apple spokesperson Peter Agyemyan said in an email. “Boost, which allows any person or organization to pay to increase the reach of a post or profile, is a digital service – so of course in-app purchases are required.”