This is why this fan group is so lovable and scary – VG

This is why this fan group is so lovable and scary - VG
  • This is why Stan fans are loved and feared

    Some celebrities have fans who act as the more dedicated cybercriminals of their favorite artists. But sometimes stars lose control of their most obsessive fans.

  • Stan can be used as a neutral, positive and negative term. Many people use this term for the most obsessive fan who goes out of their way to defend or praise someone or something they like. The term comes from Eminem’s song “Stan” (2000).

  • In the song “Stan,” Eminem sings about a fictional fan named Stan, short for Stanley. The script depicts Stan being completely obsessed with Eminem, and he sends several personal fan letters. But when Stan doesn’t get an answer from the rapper, he’s so affected that he drives drunk and kills himself and his pregnant wife.

  • Stanfans can usually be found on the “Stan Twitter” website. There is a Twitter corner made up of different groups of fans. Stan Twitter is known for its culture, extremely intolerant behavior, and strong communities.

    The environment sometimes overlaps with Twitter’s LGBT environment. Some celebrities have more committed fans than others. Among others, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, K-Pop, and Nicki Minaj, all attract many LGBT fans.

Media researcher Vilde Schanke Sundet explains Stankultur is a group that has a huge fan following on the Internet.

She says that it is first and foremost a digital phenomenon, often associated with a specific person, TV series or genre.

Sundet works at the University of Oslo, and researches fan culture, among other things.

– Before, Stan was used about “stalkers” who persecute their idols. Many believe that it is no longer accurate. It’s an old way of thinking about bad smell culture.

She believes that culture is not necessarily negative for idols or for the fans themselves.

There is a huge commitment and deep emotional involvement at the bottom. It can give a sense of community and friendship. She says it is liberating to meet people who have the same interest as you.

Some still believe that stench culture breeds unhealthy relationships with idols. Here are two examples:

● A writer has been subjected to severe death threats from fans after writing a case about a famous rapper. Fans encouraged each other to tease him on Instagram. Finally, someone also posted his home address. According to the newspaper, the incitement did not diminish until the site removed his name from the article from the inside.

Chaus: Sundit thinks Justin Bieber fans, who took charge of central Oslo when he was in Norway in 2012, are a good definition for the very excited fans.

● Writer and fan Nicki Minaj on Twitter asked for more adult music from the rapper. This led to a crushing collapse of incitement on social media. Minaj called her “ugly” and “jealous”, which got fans even more excited. The woman described the incident as physically and mentally exhausting. She said she felt fans were imitating Minaj’s behavior New York times.

Positive aspects of stench culture:

● When BTS donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter last year, BTS fans decided to donate the same amount. With the topic tag #MatchAMillion, the fan group was able to raise the same amount of money just a day after it was revealed that BTS had made a donation. More than 34,500 people write who contributed to reaching the goal from the inside.

● #FreeBritney is a major global movement, fighting for Britney Spears to drop the guardianship of her father. The topic was started by fans to draw attention to the control she has been under for 13 years. It was announced last month that the father would be removed from the position of guardian.

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You make good use of such a culture

Sound warns that fans can be quickly flipped to crowded places.

The researcher believes that stench culture has become part of the popular culture ecosystem. Stanfans is involved in raising the profile of artists, raising awareness, creating buzz, and defending celebrities during controversy.

Idols benefit.

Love: Lil Nas X on the red carpet.

– Several record-breakers in the number of plays, and that’s a lot because of Stan’s culture. They mobilize, and they create a tremendous amount of commitment. Artists who are good at using the fan club can gain a great deal of traction.

In 2019, BTS set a number of records. Among other things, “Boy With Luv” became the most played k-pop song ever on Spotify with over 285 million plays, Elite Daily wrote.

The previous year, they set a record for the most plays on their “IDOL” music video in 24 hours. She beat Taylor Swift’s previous record of 43 million plays. While BTS had 45 million.

Sundet believes that the K-Pop industry in particular is very good at building around fan culture, but also Western artists like Lil Nas X and Taylor Swift know their fans well.

“Extra sword”

– Because you compete on behalf of your idol, the competition becomes highly motivated. People are also anonymous on the Internet. There are many in stink culture who hate it, too.

Harassment, defamation campaigns, spreading lies, and hateful behavior often occur against rival idols and against other fan groups, according to Sundet.

reported in September from the inside Chinese authorities have imposed restrictions on how fans act on social media.

A number of major platforms such as Douyin (Chinese TikTok) and Weibo (Chinese Twitter) have signed up to suppress “harmful” fan cultures.

She says that many of Stan’s fans have digital skills. They are good at digging up details, and if you cross them, your home address may suddenly be shared.

There are examples of “beef” among artists that could be something very unifying for each group. Then they get something in common to fight against. It becomes like a mob and quickly gets out of control.

This summer, Justin Bieber had to beg fans not to visit him at his private home in New York, according to her Sixth page.

– I hear you. I hear you, but this is my house. Do you understand what I mean? This is where I live, he told a group of fans who gathered outside the entrance to the condominium.

He then asked to understand that he wanted peace and quiet when he came home after a long day, and asked kindly if the fans could leave the area.

– He said frankly – I don’t appreciate you being here.

All captured on video.

A mirror to the rest of society

The voice says that internal conflicts can also occur. Many fan groups have millions of members.

Ideally, everyone agrees all the time. The hierarchy is often informal, and then there can be a lot of competition within the fan community. Who has the right interpretation of the new song, or how to be a fan the right way?

After that, the atmosphere will be similar to what you know from trolling from normal comment fields, says Sundet.

The bad smell culture reflects all the differences that we find everywhere or in society. The researcher says not only that she is more intensively involved than young people, but also adults and the elderly.

Media researcher Vilde Schanke Sundet says that there are sometimes racial undertones in internal conflicts in Stan’s environments.

He writes in his book that there is often agitation against people of color, especially in k-popstan Refinery 29.

It is possible for a black fan to say that something an idol does or says is a disgrace to black people. Rather than being listened to, whistleblowers often incite the “false accusation” of Korean idols of racism.

I think SHAME fans were fans of Stan

Is there a bad smell culture in Norway?

– Yes. Many SHAME fans have been turned off. They acted on a par with fans of international TV series. Many Norwegian fans want international things to stop. Being Stan has been normalized, and it’s easier to get involved because the pop industry invites him.

The audio says the next wave of stopping in the Nordic countries may come from Young Royals fans. I have also noticed that there are significant fans of One Direction in Norway. Not least K-pop fan groups.

– All large stand environments also have Norwegian fans.

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