May 29, 2023


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This is why Tid for Hage disappears from the TV screen: “I have…”

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Since 2004, TV viewers have been fascinated by the amazing home transformations with TVNorge’s “Time for home.” Under the leadership of charismatic presenter Ellen Jacobsen (62), a skilled team of craftsmen has breathed new life into more than 200 Norwegian homes.

The premiere of the new season is Tuesday, April 4 🥳🌿

Photo: Per Olaf Solvberg

posted by It’s time to go home Monday, April 3, 2023

The team made up of Elin along with Jonas Sørensen, Ellen Skjerven, Petter Hansen and Kari Nordli, have conveyed through the programs a warmth and positivity that has made it a particularly fun program to watch. The team’s sense of humor and camaraderie was an added bonus for viewers.

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Not only has the program changed the interiors, but since 2019 the team has also been treating the gardens with their “Garden Time” spin-off. These two shows were very popular with viewers with their innovative and creative solutions.

However, fans of the show received the sad news earlier this year that both shows will now be axed. TVNorge has chosen to create a space for new programming and ideas, which means that both Home Time and Garden Time will now come to an end.

Elaine Jacobsen shared her feelings about this decision with the press, telling VG: “I’ve known this for a while, but it will definitely be a noticeable change. I’ve been a part of this for many years, and it will be a whole new phase in my life.”

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The most recent episodes of “Garden Time” have aired over the past few weeks, with the final episode airing tonight. And the announcement was made on the program’s Facebook page: “Tuesday, a new episode, it’s time for the garden.” This is the very last. 21.40 on TVNorge or whenever you want on Play. Designed by Torunn Klungland. I listen.”

Tuesday 🙂 New Episode It’s Garden Time 🙂 This is the final episode. 21.40 on Tv2 or whenever you want on Play. Designed by Jenny Ann. I listen:)

posted by It’s time to go home Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Many viewers expressed their disappointment at the news, and it’s clear that both shows will be sorely missed in the future.

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Feel free to share if you’ll also miss the headband and the show on screen.

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