This makes your flight tickets NOK 800 more expensive

This makes your flight tickets NOK 800 more expensive

Have you ever experienced the luggage belt not starting when checking your suitcase at the airport?

There could be many reasons for this.

Your baggage may be heavier depending on the ticket class.

Packing Tips: When you travel on vacation, your luggage may get lost during departure and arrival. So it is better to always pack these items in your hand luggage. Video: Embla Hart-Larson.
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Then the airlines put in a block, meaning you have to go to a manned counter and pay the overage fee or pay through an app before re-checking your luggage. And it can be expensive. Very expensive.

Costly obesity

The price can be up to NOK 800 per stretch. So it is wise to follow closely here.

It often doesn’t take more than a kilogram before the luggage belt refuses to start.

Jacket destroyed - compensation refused

Jacket destroyed – compensation refused

Now a Facebook post has surfaced from 2nd October 2019 which is going viral these days. There the Philippines Jel Rodriguez wears clothes from suitcases to avoid being overweight. With this, he reduced the weight of his luggage from 9 kg to 6.5 kg without having to pay extra. The tip didn’t go down well with the airlines.

More about this trick later.

Money flies

Weighting procedures vary slightly from company to company, and my experience is that lower-cost companies tend to be less flexible.

In case of excess weight, Norwegian, Wizz Air and Ryanair airlines charge per kg excess weight. Other companies charge a certain amount for excess weight. Maximum limit per package is 32 kg.

One of the reasons for this is that airlines sell tickets cheaply and want “alternative sources of income”.

So the price per kg for overweight varies from company to company. But, one thing is certain: the hundreds fly by quickly.


There are many solutions to the “problem” of being overweight. Packing one less piece of luggage can be handled by those who come with half a moving load on a week-long vacation.

Another is paying for more expensive tickets or extra baggage in advance.

The whole Seiden argument

The whole Seiden argument

It’s a lot cheaper than being surprised by excess weight and price at the airport.

Empty the suitcase

Finally, which is easily forgotten by many – and overweight is of a moderate nature, i.e. one to two kilos, it works well:

Remove heavy clothing or shoes from your check-in luggage and wear these items instead of sending them as checked luggage.

If you have other items that weigh between 500 and 1000 grams and are allowed to carry through the security check, it is better to put them in your jacket pocket and send them as expensive extra weight.

Flygiant takes action

Flygiant takes action

It’s okay

– Your ticket type determines how much baggage you can take with you. If you’re told you have too much luggage at check-in, you might want to change a little and put on your outerwear, says Elaine Hygen Scurry, senior communications consultant at Norwegian to Tyneside.

Limited Space: Elaine Hygen is Senior Communications Consultant at Scarry Norwegian.  Photo: Thomas Brun NTB / Communications

Limited Space: Elaine Hygen is Senior Communications Consultant at Scarry Norwegian. Photo: Thomas Brun NTB / Communications
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— If it is more than that, it will not be good, and the traveler will have to pay for the excess weight, and concludes:

– There is limited space in an airplane and the rules that everyone has to follow will help make the journey comfortable for everyone.

Do you have a great flight tip for me?

Hello, my name is Odd Roar Lange and I am a travel journalist for DinSide and Dagbladet. Do you have a flight reference for me? Or do you have an experience, question or wise advice that others should know about?

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