May 19, 2022


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This may be the first clue to the iPhone 13

This may be the first clue to the iPhone 13

Remember the Apple Watch Series 7 rumor That the models have been upgraded to 41 mm and 45 mm respectively?

Apple Watch Series 7 has larger dials and iPhone 12/13 design

Now the same Twitter account, DuanRui, who is not acknowledged to be the source of the leaks but finds these images in Chinese forums (not surprisingly, and it always is, that it first leaks from the country that actually produces the devices), an image that reinforces the perception that the watches are getting a new design and that The new design facilitates larger dials without the watches becoming too bulky (existing bracelets are rumored to be compatible with larger watches):

Everything new from Apple is coming next month and not in October

As it appears now, we’re sure that’s true, and they come with a new design, but what about the iPhone 13?

Now it hasn’t leaked mobile photos, but it has leaked pictures of something holding the packaging in place, and while it’s not very exciting in itself, it confirms two things if true: The name is “iPhone 13”. The launch will take place in September if packaging images like these are already in circulation.

It has been reported several times that the iPhone 13 is a September product:

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