This means the color of the kitchen sponge

This means the color of the kitchen sponge

Different colors of dish sponges serve different purposes Experts to explain. The green sponge is known for its hardness and is ideal for removing stubborn dirt and grime.

However, its abrasive nature means it is not the best choice for delicate cutlery as it can leave scratches.

For a slightly gentler cleaning option, it is recommended Red sponge. Although it's less abrasive than that Green spongeit still provides effective cleaning with minimal risk of damaging surfaces.

This makes it a better choice for items that require more care, such as wine glasses or porcelain dishes.

Because even more delicate items, like fine wine glasses or fragile mugs, are Yellow or blue sponge Best options. The yellow sponge is particularly effective for delicate items, ensuring surfaces remain scratch-free.

The blue sponge stands out as the softest option, making it the safest choice for very delicate china. Its mild nature protects you from scratches and maintains the quality and appearance of your precious crockery.

In addition, the blue sponge is an excellent choice for washing pans, as its softness helps maintain the condition of the pan over time.

By choosing the right sponge based on color, you can ensure a safe and effective cleaning experience for all types of dishes.

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