May 18, 2022


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This might be the date we'll see iPhone 13 - new MagSafe products revealed

This might be the date we’ll see iPhone 13 – new MagSafe products revealed

It has been confirmed that there will be a new MagSafe accessory for the iPhone 13 series, which is likely to be revealed on Tuesday, September 14th.

Apple will probably invite the big iPhone press conference tonight

It is the US Federal Communications Commission’s database where all electronic devices are registered, which reveals many new model numbers. Not only is this a definitive confirmation of the new products, but also that the launch is imminent, because this year’s launches will take place in September, and not later in the fall as last year (however, it may be Watch Series 7) hard to get).

The new MagSafe charger bears the model name A2548, up from the A2140. we hopefull (There is absolutely no guarantee, model names change with only very small changes, but stronger magnets are rumored to be) that these chargers are faster and more compatible, because they were a lot of fuss Around the chargers can charge a maximum of 20W:

Now it turns out that only Apple’s 20W charger can charge the iPhone 12 series using MagSafe at maximum performance. That’s right: even if you buy a really powerful charger over 20W, it doesn’t help: it should be the “20W USB-C” Apple charger they sell for 229kr.


Here are the results for a number of different chargers. The first number represents how much the charger can feed iPhone 12 models with MagSafe:

  • 15W: Apple 20W labeler
  • 13 s: Apple 18W lader
  • 10W: Apple 96W MacBook Pro Power Adapter – 10W
  • 7,5 til 10W: Anker 30W PowerPort Atom PD 1
  • 9 Sesame 9W: Aukey 65W Power Adapter
  • 7.5 to 9W: Pixel 4/5 . Charger
  • 6 to 7 Watts: Note 20 Ultra . Charger
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The new chargers support iPhone 12

The FCC has already tested the charger with new iPhone models with the model names A2341, A2172, and A2176. The charger has also been tested on iPhone 12 models, thus confirming compatibility.