This plant could survive on Mars

This plant could survive on Mars

It's a harsh environment on the so-called red planet, and it would be difficult for humans to survive on Mars.

But a type of algae that grows in several places on Earth may be able to survive, writes Elstert Vetenskap.

Found everywhere in the world

The plant or moss can grow in temperatures as low as -196 degrees. It must tolerate extreme drought, and also tolerate high levels of radiation.

A study by the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography in China found this out.

The type of moss is known as Syntricia Caninervis They are found all over the world.

In the Chinese research, the moss was exposed to the same pressure, temperature, gases and ultraviolet radiation as on Mars. The strong ultraviolet radiation was unable to break down the moss.

Freeze at -196 degrees – Grow

According to Science Illustrated, humans typically die from UV radiation of about 8 grays. Plants thrive at levels 60 times higher than humans, surviving up to 500 grays.

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The researchers stored the plant at minus 80 degrees for five years, and minus 196 degrees for 30 days. When the moss was thawed, it was able to repair itself and continue to grow.

“We believe this algae could be transported to Mars and possibly to the Moon to test the potential for plant colonization and growth in space,” the researchers wrote in the study.

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