September 29, 2022


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This simple iPhone feature saved Tim's life (41)

This simple iPhone feature saved Tim’s life (41)

Tim Blackie (41 years old) is a snowboarding expert. At the end of March, he went to the Alps in Switzerland to snowboard prepared trails, also called off-piste, all alone in the highlands.

Although he had skied alone many times before, he was not very well known in the area. During the flight, things suddenly got worse, when five meters fell into a crack hidden in the ice.

Fortunately, Blackie landed on a small ice shelf, but it was unstable and was afraid of falling further into the hole.

– My first thought was: “Oh no, will this little ice shelf last until I get out of it?” Then I noticed I wouldn’t be able to climb. Then I realized I might die there, Blackie tells TV 2.

He needed help, and saving him was something very special.

Watch the video as Tim Blakey demonstrates how the iPhone saved his life at the top of the case.

I have saved the iPhone function

Despite the fact that the Briton was several meters from the surface, he still had a 3G connection, but only three percent of the phone was left with power.

However, it was a simple iPhone feature that helped him. With just five simple taps on the phone, call an emergency number that can help.

New York Post He writes that by pressing the Home button five times, your iPhone will call the local emergency number where you are and send you your location.

On some iPhones, you have to hold down the Home button along with the top volume button for a few seconds to activate the SOS function.

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After Blackie called the emergency number, he was told not to move – then he could risk falling further into the crack.

Hidden rift: Tim Blackie fell into a rift hidden in the ground where he was ice skating. The photo on the left shows the path up the crater. The photo on the right shows how far he would have ended up if he hadn’t hit an ice shelf. Photo: private

Only 45 minutes later, a rescue patrol from Switzerland managed to get him out of the hole.

The Briton came out of it all with an ankle injury, before being able to make his way back home to London again.

– Thank you very much Apple

The 41-year-old first shared the story Instagram profileand praises Apple for the emergency functionality on the phones.

Thank you very much, Apple, for the side button that dials the emergency number in five clicks. Especially when you’re dripping on your screen, you only have 3G coverage and 3 percent battery, five feet under the ice. The 41-year-old wrote that the alternative kept me up at night.

Blackie has gained a new perspective on life after the dramatic event and wants to share his story to educate others about the iPhone’s Five Clicks feature.

– It really saved my life, he tells TV 2.

Watch the video that Blackie filmed getting stuck in the hole and being rescued here:

Congratulations to the rescue team

The snowboarder is so grateful to the rescue patrol that they risked their lives to save him, and commends them for the good work they do.

– It’s so wonderful that they do it day in and day out. He says they are real heroes.

Now, the 41-year-old has started the Go Fund me page to make a discretionary donation to the Rescue Patrol.

warn others

Blakey has been snowboarding for 17 years and often stands alone when off the piste. He had never had an accident before, and he thought that made him feel like a false safety on Earth.

For TV 2, he said he would never drive alone again, and encourages other experienced and inexperienced people with boards or skates on their legs to never drive alone.

Driving alone: ​​Tim Blackie has been snowboarding for 17 years, but has promised himself he'll never ride alone again.  From now on, he will only be standing on planks with others.  Photo: private

Driving alone: ​​Tim Blackie has been snowboarding for 17 years, but has promised himself he’ll never ride alone again. From now on, he will only be standing on planks with others. Photo: private

No matter how experienced you think you are, this is no joke, says the 41-year-old.

Blakey hopes his story will help encourage others to be more careful in the mountains and do more research into the area to be in.

“I’m not going to stop snowboarding, but that made me understand that it’s more dangerous than you think,” he says.