This sound is annoying

This sound is annoying

Recently, NASA shared an audio clip of Twitter What should be the sound of a black hole from the Perseus group of galaxies.

A so-called black hole is a region in space where the gravitational forces are so strong that nothing – not even light – can escape.

Now the NASA soundtrack has gone viral on social media, with people discussing what they’re hearing.

– horrifying!

Many YouTubers and Twitter users don’t completely agree on whether audio is really fun or scary.

“I feel like I heard something no one was supposed to hear. Really amazing”Someone writes.

“I made the mistake of listening to this in the middle of the night. Now I’m afraid to sleep,” another writes.

Listen to the black hole audio clip below:

“That sound is terrifying!” He writes one on Twitter.

Another wrote on YouTube that it sounds like the voice of every soul that has lived through time, while another says his dream of going into space was scrapped after hearing the soundtrack.

Several have also shared pictures of aliens to emphasize that he is a mysterious and frightening voice.

While others are afraid of the sound, another claims it reminds us of the sound of a highway or a growl in the stomach.

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On the other hand, many other people find the sound soothing:

It is very similar to the sound of ‘Om’.And the He writes one on Twitter.

It refers to the sound one sings during meditation, among other things in Hinduism.

“Love that sound. Want to repeat the extended version and use the sound to sleep,” Another writes in the comments section of Youtube.

The audio clip went viral on social media recently and has been played nearly 15 million times on Twitter. He also shared more than 100,000 clips on the platform.

misunderstanding the sound

NASA thinks it’s a misunderstanding that there are no sounds in space.

– The galaxy cluster contains so much gas that we’ve caught a real sound. Here it is amplified and mixed with other data to hear a black hole, they write on Twitter.

on me NASA website They write that the misunderstanding probably comes from the fact that space is essentially a vacuum, and thus a sound wave has no medium to propagate through.

But NASA claims that it is the large amount of gas in the galaxy cluster that allows the sound waves to move.

This so-called sonography, or information transmission, is different from previous acoustic work done by NASA, because they recreated actual sound waves detected in their data.

This is how NASA made the black hole soundtrack:

First, the sound waves were pulled outward, from the center of mass.

Then the signals in the human hearing range were recombined by increasing them by 57 and 58 octaves. This means that the frequency, or sound, is heard 144 quadrillion and 288 quadrillion times higher than it actually is.

A quadrillion equals a thousand trillion.

Finally: the radar-like scanning seen circling the image allows us to hear waves being sent in different directions.

The visible image of this data shows blue and purple X-ray data captured by the Chandra Space Telescope.

Source: NASA

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