This was built by founders who came through the eye of the needle at elite universities

This was built by founders who came through the eye of the needle at elite universities


There are 11 new companies ready for the Swedish Business School's incubator, where both Klarna and Voi have previously participated. See the list!

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO of Klarna, participated in the SSE Business Lab in 2004, shortly after the company was founded.

College of Business Incubator SSE Business Lab In Sweden they had in their time brought Klarna, Bobby, Foy and Quinix into an intense confrontation.

Klarna's three founders, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Niklas Adalberth and Viktor Jacobsson, were among those accepted into the incubator in 2004. There they received office space, networking and mentoring.

Advertise now break it Admission this year, not surprisingly, artificial intelligence was a recurring keyword, also in the neighboring country.

See list:

– Klarna contributed to our growth

April: New, easy-to-use annual reporting software aimed at small businesses and accounting firms.

Devin: This financing solution gives small and medium-sized businesses that do not have access to trade credit the opportunity to buy and sell goods and pay later.

maybe: An AI assistant that simplifies the process for individuals and brands who want to sell clothing on the resale market.

Norman: An AI platform that makes consulting firms more scalable by automatically taking care of time-consuming tasks.

Better odds: A tool that uses artificial intelligence to provide managers with better insights and data, helping them make informed decisions in complex situations.

The closest artificial intelligence: An innovation that increases accuracy in healthcare using data from wearable technology.

Floxx: A data-driven marketplace for horse owners that offers customized trading and communication solutions.

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Climra: An app that automatically gives you compensation for late train trips, in a fair and simple way.

Quantitative analysis: A tool that combines in-depth political vision and modern methods for managing public affairs in a new era.

Property mind: An AI-based solution that builds housing data and provides customized data services to players in the real estate industry.

relevo: An innovative nutritional drink in powder form that makes it easier for users to obtain the necessary nutrients on a daily basis.

She lost her job, but funded her new entrepreneurial company with an “unknown” NAV grant.

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