February 3, 2023


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Islandshestar på beite på Stølsvidda i Valdres

This weekend it snows in Valdres – so Pentecost brings summer in the south – NRK Vestland

– If we don’t get 20 today, chances are good next week, government meteorologist Julie Solsvik Vågene said of the weather in western Norway.

The weekend we left behind in the South shows no sign that June is around the corner.

In Valdris, Icelandic horses got a layer of fresh dust over the horse’s mane.

But that’s the last bit of snow in Valdris, says state meteorologist Per Egil Haga.

– In short, the pressure is high, gentle and warm in the north, low pressure with unstable air masses with rain in the south, says of the coming days, says Haga.

In other words, Finnmark, Troms and parts of Nordland can enjoy summer temperatures of up to 20 degrees on the weekends.

HOT: In northern Norway, you just have to enjoy the summer on the weekends.

Photo: Synnøve Sundby Fallmyr / NRK

While in southern Norway it will mostly stay below 20 degrees until the Whitsun weekend.

– When we come to Pentecost, turn around

The meteorologist said that there are major disturbances in the atmospheric circulation these days.

Over the weekend in Whitsun, the weather map turns upside down and high pressure in the south and low pressure in the north are forecast. In the north, temperatures drop by 10 degrees in some cities, and the weather is characterized by rain.

– During Pentecost, temperatures in the south will be over 20 degrees, Haga promised.

In the capital the temperature can reach 22-23 degrees, and the weather is expected to be a little cloudy this weekend.

Grotlesanden in Premanger

Over 20 degrees: cooling on Grotlesanden in Bremanger.

Photo: Lilli Ann Seljeseth

It will last until June

In the south, mild weather is likely to continue into the next week while chances of rain increase at the end of the week.

– Now the winter weather seems to be over here in the south, says Haga.

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