This will replace Kanye under Coachella

This will replace Kanye under Coachella

On Monday it became known that Kanye West (44) withdrew from the show At the Coachella Festival starting Friday, April 15th.

West was scheduled to perform on Sundays both weekends the festival would take place, and was listed as lead artist. So its cancellation left a huge gap in the timeline.

It has been announced that Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd will replace the 44-year-old. Report it American Variety Magazine.

The reason is unknown

The reason for the cancellation is not yet clear. One source can say Variety The West did not prepare or train for the festival.

Along with the 44-year-old rapper, rapper Travis Scott was supposed to appear on stage, According to TMZ. Scott has not attended parties since the Astroworld tragedy which caused panic in the public and ended with ten lives.

In the aftermath of the incident, problems arose for a fan at Billie Eilish’s party, as the artist stopped to make sure he was getting help. In light of this The West came to criticize Eilish When he thought she was stabbing Travis Scott.

“I am waiting for everyone to be healthy before I continue,” Eilish told the audience.

This prompted West to apologize to the rapper and say he didn’t want to perform on Coachella until Eilish did.

– I didn’t say anything about Travis. Only one fan helped, and the artist responded to West’s post.

However, it is still unknown whether West’s statements are hollow, as his team’s representatives have not confirmed the reason for the cancellation.

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banned from instagram

In late March, it became known that West was banned from Instagram for 24 hours after he made what were described as racist comments.

He has not yet posted anything on the platform.

Prior to the expulsion, he had also dated ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson. In two of West’s music videos, an animated version of Davidson is kidnapped, beaten, and buried alive.

Because of his behavior on social media, the rapper’s appearance at the Grammy Awards has been removed, A Variety spokesperson confirmed.

Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd, who will replace West at Coachella, collaborated and together released “Moth To A Flame” among others. The song is based on the upcoming debut album, and can also be found on The Weeknd’s latest album.

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