This year you can use Ladeklubben in a record number of holiday destinations

This year you can use Ladeklubben in a record number of holiday destinations
RECHARGE POWER: All guests who need to charge their cars can do so outside the Strand Hotel Fevik, says hotel manager Bodil Langerak. Here, on eight Kople destination chargers, the electric vehicle union’s blue charging bracket can be used.

Hotel manager Bodil Langerak in Fevik thinks it’s as natural to offer guests electric car charging as to provide Wi-Fi. Never before have there been more destination chargers available for people on the go.

We start with a call:

Remember to check shipping options for where you’ll be spending the night or vacationing this summer. It’s easier, time-saving, and often cheaper than express shipping. It is also healthier for the battery than fast and frequent charging.

The good news is that with Ladeklubben you, as a member of the Electric Vehicle Association, can charge the destination at 3,700 charging points across Norway.

Use the Ladeklubben app to find your nearest regular charging point and charging rate. Easily start charging with the blue charging slide or directly in the app.

Electric Vehicle Association blue charging bracket

Cargo Club

One charging chip, easy payment and thousands of charging stations.

Remember to pack the cable with type 2

There’s nothing quite like starting your road trip with a fully charged battery as you move on to your next vacation destination. You avoid extra downtime at the express charger and save time and money.

So-called destination charging is in many ways similar to home charging – it uses a charging box from 3 to 22 kilowatts of charging power.

You’re using the charging cable you brought with you with a Type 2 charging connector, so you’ll have to remember to take it with you on the trip if it’s not already “in” in the car.

Before you start charging, it’s a good idea to know how much it costs. Here there can be significant price differences between shipping companies.

If you’re traveling to Sweden or Denmark (see more below), it’s smart to pay a little extra attention to the price now that the krone is so weak.

Also, remember to check the parking rules and any parking fees that may be added to the same charge price.

If you don’t have your own charging cable or have always wanted one in the car plus one in the charging bin at home, as a member of the Electric Vehicle Association you get 25 percent off all car accessories at BilXtra – including the charging cable:

Skoda stylish


Flat member discount of 25% on all products at BilXtra.

Ten charging points on the shore

More and more Norwegian hotels and tourist destinations are introducing visitor fees.

Between Arendal and Grimstad lies Beach Vivek Hotel In a small cove with a white sandy beach. Here are eight Kople destination chargers as well as two Tesla chargers.

Bodil Langerak, who has been the hotel’s manager for nearly six years, has seen great development these years with more and more guests arriving in electric vehicles.

– Providing our guests with electric car chargers is as natural as providing Wi-Fi, says Langrac.

I realized during the first year of the pandemic that they had to upgrade. Until then, they had an old fashioned power outlet in the wall.

– We thought we should have new cargo boxes for next season, says Langrac.

As he thought, it was done. They started the process, and in 2021 the new facility was ready.

It’s all about making the guests happy, she adds.

The hotel does not have to handle anything related to shipping boxes. If technical problems arise, the shipping companies will sort them out.

Many people will be traveling on Norwegian holidays this year, and it’s a smart, sustainable choice.

Bodil Langerak, Director of HOTell

Guest reviews indicate that they are very satisfied with the show. This year, the hotel manager expects a major breakthrough.

NHO Reiseliv I reported before the weekend that the proportion of Norwegians who choose to holiday in Norway has increased after the pandemic.

This year, 65 percent reported that they would be tourists in their own country – compared to 58 percent in 2019.

Holiday in Norway: Large parts of our coastline have beautiful sandy beaches. Here, outside the Strand Hotel Fevik, bathing temperatures will also be just right – something not all places up north are. Photo: Classic Norway/Christer Olsen

– Many people will be traveling on Norway holidays this year, and it’s a smart and sustainable choice. This is of course a trend we’re living with here at the spa hotel, says Langerac.

The hotel manager at Fevik feels the drop-shipping chain gives them a competitive edge against hotels that can’t offer destination charges.

The blue charging chip is checked with a fast charger.

40,000 fast chargers across Europe

Cargo Club

Shipping destination in Norway

The Strand Hotel in Vivek is just one of many places where you can use the Ladeklubben/Elbilforeningen blue charging slide.

In Norway, you can reach 3,700 standard charging points with Ladeklubben in, among others, these freight operators:

  • Connect 1600
  • Charge 1,370
  • EV-Box 410
  • E onDrive 270
  • Other actors 50

Use the Ladeklubben app and turn on the “All charging points” view to find the nearest drop box or charging center where you are going on holiday.

All charging stations in one map

If they don’t offer a charge where you’ll spend the night, a municipality, shopping center or car park will often have a charge nearby. Then you may be a short walk in the evening.

Shipping destination in Sweden

With Ladeklubben you also have easy access to 3,100 regular charging points in Sweden from, among others, these charging operators:

  • eOnDrive 1,190
  • Qwello 780
  • Park and Charge 620
  • Monta 180
  • Recharge 170
  • OKQ8 100
  • Liddell 50
  • Other actors 10
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In the Electric Vehicle Association’s annual survey, “the electric car.”»we found out that a record number of people plan to travel abroad by electric car this year.

Elbilist Fabien Miard traveled around the UK last summer and is betting on Sweden this holiday:

Weak krone though:

Record numbers of planning holidays abroad with the electric car

Shipping destination in Denmark

If you are not tempted with the cute brother, you can easily go to another neighbor this summer.

Next Copenhagen? It’s “nice” to be Norwegian in Denmark when you can charge your destination on the street outside your hotel. Photo: Petter Haugneland/The Electric Vehicle Association

Because with Ladeklubben you also have access to 7,600 standard charging points in Denmark, among others, these charging operators:

  • Smart 4500
  • Sperry 1550
  • 890
  • Norliss 380
  • 120- Mills
  • 110 EV Box
  • Other actors 50

However, it’s a good idea to be a little prepared before crossing the border from electric-car-friendly Norway and heading south.

Here is a quick overview of the most important things you should consider:

You have to think about this when you go on electric car holiday abroad

No matter where you plan your electric car vacation, take it easy, relax and do something fun while charging.

Ladeklubben, ElbilAppen and the blue charging chip

Become a member!

Get the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association charging label which gives you access to charging stations in Norway and Europe, expert charging assistance and superior roadside assistance offers. Like over 120,000 other electric drivers!

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