Thomas Nome and Harald Runeberg:

Thomas Nome and Harald Runeberg:

In 2018 came the news that many Norwegians feared: Thomas Nome (52) and Harald Runeberg (49) Make way with the popular “Senkveld” TV 2, which has brought several thousand Norwegians to TV every Friday since 2003.

Since then, both TV presenters have worked on various projects, including “Helt Harald”, “Casa Nomi” and the podcast “Thomas and Harald Write a Memoir”.

Now, however, the duo can reveal to Dagbladet that they are working on a new project.

poop: Thomas Nome steps in his poop at famously 71 degrees North. Video: TVNORGE.
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– Something new is coming

Dagbladet met with Thomas Numme and Harald Rønneberg in connection with the premiere of Eyvind Hellstrøm (73) and Truls Svendsen (49) of their new show “Truls à la Hellstrøm’s Bistro”.

There, Nomi could say he had a new project in progress, not wanting to go into detail about what, who, or where.

– Something new is coming, and I can’t say anything about it yet! You might find out soon enough, he hints.

– You can’t even tell if it’s just you, or it’s you and Harald?

– Eh, I can’t say anything about it, laughing in secret.

However, the one who is most flexible in hints is his comrade Harald.

go wrong: Everything went just as it should when Karsten Warholm and Harald Runeberg were broadcasting news on TV 2. Video: TV 2
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The trio is back

He can reveal to Dagbladet that the new project includes both Thomas and Troels Svendsen.

– Yes, we have something, but of course you can not say anything about it. But I can say enough that Trolls, Thomas and I have something going on together.

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– But you can not give any other hints?

– Then someone representing the channel kills me. But the three of us are going to do something together, and I’m really looking forward to it. And it’s not like that… If people thought they knew what it was, they wouldn’t be able to figure it out, teases.

Psychiatric treatment: Trols Svendsen is put out when he and Eyvind Hellstrøm go to therapy to fuel their friendship in the new season of “Truls ala Hellstrøm”. Video: TV 2
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The trio hasn’t done anything together since the restroom in Sochi regarding ‘Sinkfield’ in 2014.

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