Those who are not worried now do not understand football

Those who are not worried now do not understand football

A long time has passed between Rosenborg’s training highlights this spring. On Sunday, Tromsø became very strong. At the end of February, there was a 2-3 loss for Kristiansund. After a humiliating 0-3 loss to little brother Ranheim in early March, Trondelag’s team traveled to Marbella for training camp. There it was 0-0 against Hogesund and 3-2 against Kristiansund in an underperforming match.

After Tromsø lost on Sunday, Kjetil Rekdal gathered the players for a long chat in the locker room. It starts rushing to get the team role two weeks before the series premiere against Bodø/Glimt. At the moment, there are few indications that there will be a gold game in Lerkendale.

Commentator Nidaros Otto Olseth It asks questions about whether RBK can climb high enough to avoid landing. He concludes that there will be no landing, but optimism has turned pessimism in Trondheim.

Nobody should rule anything out in football, but I’m willing to put everything I have and not land on Rosenborg. But when you see Viking, Molde, and Glimt, you realize Rosenborg’s road is still a long way to go, says Mini Jakobsen.

Concern: Minnie Jacobsen struggles to see an offensive plan. Photo: Ole Martin Wolde

– You don’t have to blame Rekdal, but it’s not about getting a football team to start from scratch. Players in Rosenborg are bought for big money and because they have a certain quality. He adds that what they have achieved in two months is far from what I had hoped and expected.

– Tongue hard back

Rosenborg expert and football analyst Kai Pardal does not think he will improve with the former.

– There are many problems with the whole strategy that they put in and I don’t think that would be very good. They talk about exercising well, good intensity and running and physical improvement. But they separate it from football and learning, Bardal says.

He believes captain Markus Henriksen’s comments after the Tromsø match illustrate this better.

– He said they see huge potential only if they can make the right choices, avoid bad touches and hit passes. But that’s what football is really about. To make the right choice, hit the ball and hit a teammate, Bardal says.

He thinks structural problems mean Rosenborg constantly ends up in the minority with the ball and lacks good passing alternatives. It indicates that the game is reflected from the minority on one side to the minority on the other. The hasty approach also leads to many errors in scrolling.

Knowing RBK: Kai Bardal is the national futsal team assistant and has followed Rosenborg closely for many years.

Knowing RBK: Kai Bardal is the national futsal team assistant and has followed Rosenborg closely for many years.

– RBK is too retarded. They have a lot of people behind the ball and have 5-6 players who are not positioned in the game. They would probably be in a very good position if they shot far and would return the ball. But they try to play cards before they end up playing long balls in desperation. It seems completely random how they play, Bardal says.

– It takes a lot to get off

Mini Jacobsen was frightened by what he saw in the direction of Tromsø.

Most people who get the ball are wrong. They get the ball with their back in the direction of the game. Rickdal and the team have some of the blame to be blamed, as they’ve been doing it for two months now. It’s never good enough, Jacobsen says, and it’s no accident.

The hardest thing in life is to create something. Anyone can demolish a house. Building a home is difficult. Now Rekdal is going to build a house, and he hasn’t. For me, it’s not about shaping. It’s about what you do when you have the ball. The first 20 minutes against Tromso were hopeless. They lost the ball after 3-4 moves. It is expected that Rosenborg will be able to take the pressure off, says Jacobsen.

Losses in Kristiansund: In February, Kristiansund lost.  Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg

Losses in Kristiansund: In February, Kristiansund lost. Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg

Bardal thinks Rekdal’s backup system suggests lateral stoppers take the ball forward on the field to create an advantage. It chimes poorly with the way Rosenborg is currently behaving.

Teams that are good at playing the ball communicate with passes. Rosenborg is not at that level at all. It’s random which foot they hit with passes, whether players should catch the ball by foot or into space and with what force it is hit.

The people of Trondelag are believed to avoid the relegation battle. A simpler approach may be salvaged in the short term.

– It takes a lot to get off. After all, they have the best goalkeeper and individual players who can do things themselves and decide the matches. They better realize that they can also start swiping away. Don’t strike away when desperation takes them.

– Worry about Barakah

Minnie doesn’t think a more primitive style of play is the answer.

– If you play with Rosenborg, you should be able to play and beat the pressure at home, no matter which Norwegian team you play against. Bodo/Glimt extremists. They are playing outside anyway. Rosenborg none. They failed to form the midfielders at all and create the upper hand. You should be able to pull a player every now and then. And when you play through a joint, you can’t get the ball back. The goal is to create an advantage in the next situation. Jacobsen says Rosenberg does not.

Time issues: Kjetil Rekdal is starting to have a bad time speeding up Rosenborg.  Photo: Ole Martin Wolde

Time issues: Kjetil Rekdal is starting to have a bad time speeding up Rosenborg. Photo: Ole Martin Wolde

If nothing else, the physical form of the Rosenborg players is fine.

It’s almost unbelievable how well they train now. They’ve had a huge improvement for many years in a row, Bardal laughs.

And Jesper Matissen, a second television expert, has noticed this, too.

– They know that they have trained well and are well trained, just as all the other Norwegian teams have been evident in history. I have yet to read an article where a team in Norway says otherwise. What they showed in training matches was not convincing at all. I think they are very unsure of where they are. If they come out twisted, I don’t think RBK fans are very impatient. One of the things, Mathiesen says, is that Rosenborg will produce results, but it also has to be done in a way that the people of Trøndelag love.

I was shocked when he came from FCK – he refers to his team as a headless chicken

And that’s exactly what Bardal thinks will be Rijkdahl’s biggest challenge.

– Rosenborg brought in players suitable for running. Attackers are quite physical. Instead of thinking they are playing, just send the ball forward. You just have to say it as it is. Then they may be able to keep the ball out of their team’s goal. We saw against Tromso that they are not good at defending with set pieces. Then Bardal says it’s better if the ball is in the other half.

Minnie thinks it would be too easy to hide behind the fact that it was just a practice match.

– There is nothing better than winning. It’s much better to win 4-1 at Lillestrom than to lose 1-2 against Tromsø when the only thing you have won is against a third-tier team (Baesen) and Kristiansund 2. There is anxiety in Braca and Trondheim. Those who aren’t worried now don’t understand football, Jacobsen says.

– The content of the thing that triggers Rekdal

On April 3, golden favorites Aspmyra await Bodø / Glimt. Bardal believes Rosenborg has a chance despite the troubled leadership.

Bodo/Glimt is much better than Rosenborg. But let’s see on the positive side, this is a match that suits Rosenborg well. Nobody expects anything, and nobody wants to think about style points. They can lie in 5-4-1 and hit the ball away, which RBK might be best equipped for. In addition, Glimt struggles quite a bit against very low teams and plays with three midfielders, says Bardal.

Mathiesen is more upbeat than Olseth, Bardal and Jacobsen, although he also struggles to see a clear playing style. The TV 2 expert believes that the skeptics were raised by Rikdahl and Rosenberg.

– There are many who doubt the presence of water in the mill during the winter. Something is guaranteed to move Rekdal and his team, and something inside me says that Rekdal and the two old malice are happy as more and more people are skeptical. If Rosenborg beats Bodø/Glimt in the series opening, no one with a Norwegian passport would ever talk about being bad this winter, he says.

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