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– We have found that you are entitled to a 2800 kronor tax refund.

This is how an email from the tax administration starts. But that is wrong.

– Director of Defense Rakna Fossen tells NRK not to click on the link and not to provide personal information.

The fraudulent email looks like this. It does not come from the tax administration.

Photo: Screenshot

In email, the sender uses both Bokmål and Nynorsk alternately. Already here is an indication that it is not real.

Tax officials are watching the growth of fake emails with concern.

– I’m worried about people being particularly busy towards Christmas right now, and we’re in the midst of an epidemic that many people use mobile phones and screens more than ever before.

Fossen says the tax administration has taken steps to make it more difficult to copy in the context of fraud.

– People are good at exposing it, but fraudsters also try to deceive us. This is a common social problem.


Common fraud methods


SMS and Email

For example, you will need to change your password or you will receive a message or email stating that you have succeeded. The fraudster’s goal is to click on the link where you voluntarily provide your username, password or account information.

Social media

Fraudsters create fake events and virtual tours to get people to pay or provide credit card information.

Phone fraud

You are being called by fraudsters pretending to be from a bank or Microsoft company. This method is often used against the elderly and is often referred to as the “Olga fraud”. It affects some people, but can have huge financial consequences if you get frustrated.

Read more: How they try to deceive you

– Leave the email

The key word is social manipulation. In other words: the fraudster uses psychological methods to make the email credible.

They attack you and me directly.

Tom Hein Not

– Leave an email or message for a while, says Tom Heinnott, a senior lecturer at Østfold University College.

Photo: Østfold University College

– This may be the most common financial fraud they are looking for, but log in for information. More complicated, says Tom Heinnott, a senior lecturer at Østfold University College.

He is well versed in computer security and believes that time and source review are important.

– Leave the email or message for a while and think about it. You will be happy to receive tax settlement or notice of winning the competition. It is stimulating.

Promotes source criticism

A few days ago, the tax card for 2022 was available to most people.

– These fraudulent attempts are often made in connection with important tax dates, and we encourage people to be vigilant, says Fossen.

Rakna Fossen

Director of Defense in Tax Administration, Rakna Fossen.

Photo: Tax Administration

There is a clear appeal to the Director of Defense for insecure people.

– When it comes to your tax return or tax settlement, you will receive an email or SMS from the tax administration. It does not ask you to click a link or go to a specific address, but it does tell you to log in to our website, he says.

Are you thinking of anything?


Want to tell me about a possible case? You can contact us by email.

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