Three die in road accident in Flay:

Three die in road accident in Flay:
Three killed: Three killed in road accident in Flay

FLÅ (VG) Both Floyd and Kratsherat municipality have put in crisis staff after a truck and a car collided on Monday night. All three people in the car were confirmed dead.


On Tuesday morning, Britt Fixen, head of the police station in Hallingdale, confirmed that three people had been killed in a road accident on National Highway 7 between Flay Nesbian and Hunefos in Hallingdale at 22.21pm on Monday.

At 13 a.m., the mayor of Flea municipality, Mered Huntorf Gondrout (Labor Party), told Viji that police had not yet identified the deceased.

The car must have started burning badly as soon as the accident happened. The mayor says the dead man was found in the burned car. The municipality has now set up crisis staff.

– This is a great tragedy that has affected a small local community. Most people know each other well and now there are many who feel a fear. My first thoughts go to the family and their loved ones, Conrad says.

Mayor: Meredith Contrud (Labor Party).

The mayor of the nearby municipality, Grutschrod, Nut Martin Glesney, confirms they also set up crisis staff Tuesday morning. Both Flo and Kratsherod are caring for relatives and witnesses with a psychosocial crisis group.

– I stand with tears in my eyes as mayor. I see the flag here at half-mast, and I am deeply saddened by the presence of torn people in our municipality, ”says Krutsherat Mayor Nut Martin Glesney.

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The mayor says Graderon Undamskole will be held tonight. Controd, in the municipality of Flå, says the City Hall is open to those who want a place.

Criminal technicians were called

The Norwegian Public Road Administration’s Accident Analysis Group (UAG Team), which investigates serious accidents, was up until Tuesday night. Criminal technicians were also invited.

– Police have interrogated witnesses and conducted several technical and tactical investigations. Now we have to collect the texts and try to find the cause of the accident, says Fiction.

The most important thing is to make sure relatives and loved ones are taken care of, she insists at the same time.

At 11.30am, the head of the police station says the police and the Norwegian public road administration are still working at the site.

Good driving: There should be no bad weather in the area at the time of the accident. According to the NTB, the head-on collision took place at a speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour.

Road still closed

Police say the road will be closed for a long time.

Vegtrafikksentralen, passenger cars can use diversions via County Road 2900, but heavy vehicles heading west must drive through E16.

There should not be bad weather in the area when the accident happened. According to the NTB, the head-on collision took place at a speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour.

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