Three young people have died in a car accident in Florø – NRK Vestland

Three young people have died in a car accident in Florø – NRK Vestland

Emergency services were alerted to the accident at 10.45pm on Friday.

– Three youths died in the accident. Superintendent of Police Venge Hope says they were the driver and passenger in a car.

Police statement to NRK that the relatives of the deceased were notified on Saturday morning.

– There are young people in their late teens and early twenties, says Hope.

– This is a terrible tragedy, our thoughts go out to the victims and those who have lost loved ones, says Ola Teigen, mayor of the municipality of Kin.

The car caught fire

The accident happened on National Highway 5 at Floro in Kin Municipality. Two cars containing a total of five people were trapped. The site has zone 70.

A 50-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman were sitting in a car. They were both taken by ambulance and air ambulance to a hospital in Forte. They reportedly sustained minor injuries.

The collision caused the other car to burst into flames.

An air ambulance was dispatched to the accident site on Friday evening.

Photo: Firdaposten

– BThe car caught fire, and there were three people in the burning car, all three of whom have been confirmed dead, says Ole Wallstad Emmerhoff, police prosecutor in the Western Police District.

Local youths plan to hold a memorial at the crash site at 2 p.m.

– Very strong intention

– In such accidents our work is to look after relatives and those who need follow-up and doctor. They must get the help they need, we provided it last night and will certainly continue to do so today, Mayor Ola Teigen tells NRK.

– Two of the dead are from other municipalities and we are in touch with those municipalities, Teigen says.

The municipal director said that the municipality was informed in advance about the incident.

– Øyvind Bang-Olsen, municipal director in the municipality of Kin, told NTB that we have been hit very hard by this accident.

Shortly after the incident, the municipality opened a community center for people to meet.

– It is important to understand what young people need so that we can take action now.

– The event is very demanding. Bang-Olson says the municipality’s job now is to take care of the next of kin.

The church warden in the municipality of Kin, Doc Henrik Nygaard, says that the church should be accessible to those in need:

– It is absolutely terrible and affects the whole society. Many are directly or indirectly affected, and then it is important for the church to bring the local community together.

The road is still closed

The road remains closed after the crash and will remain closed throughout Saturday morning.

At 1145, police say they are in the process of commencing forensic investigations at the scene of the accident. They will then examine the car in which the three young men were sitting and interview witnesses.

– Police Superintendent Venge Hope says that many people who came to mind after the incident are now under investigation.

Emmerhoff says the National Road Administration’s accident team has been notified and is carrying out investigations at the scene of Saturday’s accident.

– The police will also carry out their own forensic investigations. He says the investigation into the incident is ongoing and the sequence of events is not fully known to the police at this time.

Police say they will also conduct so-called tactical investigations, which involve questioning and obtaining information from the public.

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