thriving under protection –

thriving under protection -

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Living in a listed house is a must. But this family in Roros appears in the story with enthusiasm and courage.

Borgstuggu: A wood box from the 1820s. Here the couple set up a rental and parts business. Buy the property first and foremost to get a home in the center of Rhodes. The other, Marin says, only evolved naturally because of the opportunities the drug offers.

Color Scale: Here we see that the restoration agent has worked its way through the different layers of paint in the room. This was when the family could choose from when they had to repaint the room. They went for the oldest color, from the year of construction.

Historic Linseed Oil Colours: Pink and green as in the dining room and in the bedroom interior are meant to be a popular late experiment. This was a modern style in Norway, in the first half of the 19th century.

Marin and Justin: A modern and spartan kitchen in an old house with a lot of character, it became a good combination for the family.

Marble Bathroom: Maren and Jostein wanted a robust and timeless feel to a bathroom and went for marble. We think this bathroom is very neutral and has durable materials that will perform well in 20 years, too, say the two.

Norwegian and French Design: The narrow and long green sofa was designed by Anderssen Voll. The black metal lamps were specially made for them by a French blacksmith.

Proviantskrivergården seen from the courtyard: painted red with linseed oil, wooden walls. The courtyard stands in stark contrast to the whitewashed facade facing the street.

Proviantskrivergården seen from Bergmannsgata: it is elongated and painted white with windows on all four sides. The family lives on the second floor 150 m. We were really caught up in the rooms and the light. We often get exposure to the sun through the windows, Marin says, even though the homes in the center of Roros are close to each other.

Hinged floor: Grocery store from the time the materials were used to the maximum. We see this, among other things, here where the floorboards are attached.

Big Kids Room: It took a while before Phelia (12) became comfortable with the walls in her green room from 1797. But gradually she also managed to make her own mark with furniture and decorations.

Living room: Brown leather sofas by Norwegian designer Andreas Engisvik. A beautiful tiled stove gives the room good heat.

Contemporary Wallpaper: In the wallpapered bedroom, Sindre lives while searching for his home.

18th-Century Wooden Wall: Most of the walls are paneled with an upper rootstock, but in some rooms the wood is prominent, as in this kitchen corner. Dimensions are large.

Non-typical kitchen: originally there was no kitchen on the second floor. at home, and therefore they do not have to follow strict principles of protection. They went for walnut kitchen fronts and stone countertops, all from Unoform.

Maren Todal and Jostein Valan’s estate spans an entire quarter. Dark brown rough wooden walls from Bergmannsgata and above to Lorentz Lossius gata, right in the heart of Røros. Proviantskrivergården, which is part of the property, is not a newcomer to the mountain town. On the contrary, it has been there since 1797. The scribe of provisions lived and worked here. He was the manager and was responsible for food purchases for employees in the copper mines.

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