Thunderbird email client comes to Android

Thunderbird email client comes to Android

After nearly 19 years as Firefox’s often-downgraded cousin, the Thunderbird email client will now embark on a new journey.

Today, Thunderbird is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux on PC, but now it will also be made available as an Android app. This became known this week.

Based on the current application

Thunderbird for Android shouldn’t be made from scratch, nor should it rely so much on PC versions. Instead, MZLA Technologies, a company of the Mozilla Foundation, has chosen to rely on the open source mail application. K-9 Mail. This is done in collaboration with Christian Ketterer, who is leading the development of K-9 Mail.

The collaboration will eventually mean K-9 Mail becomes Thunderbird for Android.

This should not be done in the form of a name change only. First, K-9 Mail will be further developed to have a suite of functionality and visual expression similar to what Thunderbird has for PC today.

more sustainable development

One of the things that is promised is account setup based on the automatic configuration found in Thunderbird today, improved folder management, support for message filters and sync across the computer and mobile versions of Thunderbird.

Joining the Thunderbird family enables K-9 Mail to become more sustainable and gives us the resources to implement long-awaited functionality and improvements that users want. In other words, K-9 Mail will rise to new heights with the help of Thunderbird, says Ketterer, aka “cketti,” In this blog post.

Not exactly missing Email apps for Androidbut many are for specific services and not every email service supports email protocols, such as Thunderbird and K-9 Mail.

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Also on the PC front, a new email client has recently arrived, Vivaldi Mail, which is an integral part of the Vivaldi browser.

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