Tibber’s reputation collapses

Tibber's reputation collapses

On Bytt.no, Tibber has gone from being the most popular electric company to 104th out of 110.

In Severe Weather: Tibber has gone from being a customer favorite to a slaying in user ratings. Here by Tibber Director Edgeir Aksnes.
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Tibber was criticized after the company was notified emergency measures.

In recent days, this has led to a massive number of negative user comments on the comparison site Bytt.no.

There, customers mainly complain about the bills provided by Tibber, and how the company informed the customers about it.

It was a nice contrast to last year, when Bytt.no rated Tiber as a customer favorite in the electric category. The company received 221 verified mentions for the year, with an average score of 4.6 out of 5.

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After one year, Tibber’s grade point average was 2.5.

Bytt.no CEO Daniel August Fritzman stated that in the period since Tibber announced advance billing, 237 reviews were entered, with an average of 1.8.

The former favorite is now ranked 104 out of 110 electric companies on the site.

– We have not seen a similar decline in reputation in such a short time, comments Fritzmann.

Trust is always fragile

Communications director Gaute Haaversen-Westhassel at Tibber thinks it is sad to see their poor positioning among clients.

He says the most important thing Tibber can do now is ensure customers have the information they need, so they understand the changes Tibber has made and how they are affecting them.

Communications Director at Tibber Gaute Haaversen-Westhassel.

– At the same time, it only sets more stringent requirements for what we need to do to continue to prove that we provide products and services that enable customers to use less electricity.

– Do you think the deterioration of reputation is unfair?

We understand our customers’ reactions. Trust is always fragile and must be handled with care, and above all we feel everyone at Tibber now wants to build that trust with customers again.

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It prioritizes low marks

Tibber Founder and CEO Edger Aksnes God hosted Morgen Norge on TV2 this week.

There he explained that Tibber considered pre-billing rather than adding the extra cost by a few cents per kilowatt-hour.

– Was it wrong not to present this, as you now think?

– Based on customer surveys, the choice fell on keeping the price of electricity as low as possible, which is also a very important principle for Tibber. Instead of increasing surcharges for electricity, we introduced a scheme where customers pay for electricity until due, Haaversen-Westhassel says.

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Have you underestimated how few customers seem to like the upfront billing practice?

– We made this selection based on customer surveys. Now we focus on taking care of all of our customers the best that we can.

Tibber Coach About Comments: – Some of them are hard to read

Traffic jump

Tibber doesn’t want to say how many clients he’s had recently.

Fritzman at Bytt.no says they’re seeing “clear signs” that Tibber customers have had enough, and are now leaving the company on a massive scale.

Daniel August Fritzmann, Managing Director, Bytt.no

Everyone who posts comments on the website is also asked to answer if they’d consider switching companies.

From January 1, 2019, to September 30 this year, 71 percent of those who mentioned Tiber answered “no.”

In the following period, 10 percent answered the same question. 56 percent answered that they had already converted, while 33 percent answered “yes” that they were considering it.

How many actually converted, Fritzmann points out, is known only to Elhub and Tibber.

Schibsted is one of the owners of the Tibber Company. E24 is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Schibsted Group. Some of the journalists at E24 own shares in Schibsted through the group’s equity savings programme.


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