– Ticket sales almost completely stopped – VG

- Ticket sales almost completely stopped - VG
Seating: It was like playing Jago Jazzist on Rockefeller in October last year.

In a meeting with the Minister of Culture on Friday afternoon, the Central Cultural Institutions expressed deep concern about the state of Norwegian cultural life – among other things, ticket sales for Christmas concerts and tours are experiencing a complete drought.


Numerous media reports about the risk of infection and the new variant of corona. National and regional press conferences with serious officials providing infectious advice. New restrictions on cultural life.

All of this contributes to creating uncertainty among spectators who buy tickets to cultural events; Is it really safe to walk?

– There is a direct link between national and local press conferences regarding the Corona situation and ticket sales, as a result of which ticket sales have come to a complete halt over the past two weeks, especially for timely concerts, writes Marius Lai. Musikkindustrien’s Business Council in a post on The Facebook Group Industry Broad.

The Trade Council represents all segments of the Norwegian music industry, from artists to employees to working life organizations. Among the fifteen invited cultural actors to attend the meeting with Culture Minister Anette Trettebergstuen on Friday were several organizations.

According to Viji, no firm promises were made by the culture minister at the meeting, where the cultural living conditions have now been resolved and input has been given to the authorities on what should happen in the future.

The industry council of the music industry has recommended a 30 per cent market failure and some organizers have declared no show percentage – i.e. ticket buyers who have not yet arrived – up to 20 per cent.

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Wanna party ?: Former Minister of Culture Abid Raja has allocated hundreds of millions to support Norwegian cultural life during epidemics. Criticism of support programs under his successor, Prime Minister Anette Trettbergstuen, continues.

E24 can tell you about the Vulkan Arena on Friday night, which says there are new restrictions Means the complete closing of the concert venue.

Train Rain told VG on Thursday that sales for his Christmas concerts in some places have wreaked havoc on churches. He says people are afraid to come out because of constant newspaper articles about the fear of infection and the possibility of new restrictions.

– In some places I’m not over twenty percent of the show. And they were the ones who bought the tickets, Train Rain said.

At the same time, he recalls that many of last year’s Christmas tours were postponed until this year.

– The market is closed. There is no room for that, says Rain.

The general manager of the Norwegian concert organizers, Don Asterdall, believes this is clear evidence that extending the compensation program for cultural life to November and December this year is the right thing to do. Government press conference on Thursday.

But சந்தைsterdal is concerned that the market failure it is now experiencing should be taken into account in the extended plan.

– It is important that projects do not continue in their current form. He says they already need to be fixed from the November-December 2021 period.

– Receive compensation for actual infection control activities and compensate for market failures currently experienced by organizers across the country. Being “only” in the Oslo region right now, with the introduction of number restrictions, doesn’t seem like a lot of tickets are being sold in Bergen, says Don Ostertel.

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Knut Harald Pleym in the Drammen scenes is one of many scenes Postposton Had to report a complete failure in ticket sales on Thursday.

– Every time there are new signals from the authorities, we feel that ticket sales are coming to a complete halt, Flem said.

After Friday’s meeting with Norwegian cultural life, Viji sought to contact Culture Minister Annette Dreitbergstuen and ask what he thinks about adjusting the current compensation plan. , But so far without hell.

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