November 29, 2022


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Ticketmaster slammed after ticket mess - then came news of investigation - VG

Ticketmaster slammed after ticket mess – then came news of investigation – VG

CURSED: Ticket sales collapsed when Ticketmaster released tickets for Taylor Swift’s 2023 tour this week. She is not happy.

The US Department of Justice is investigating whether Ticketmaster’s parent company Live Nation abused its market power, writes The New York Times.


Newspaper, Which cites two anonymous sources, writes that the US Department of Justice has opened a so-called antitrust investigation to see if Live Nation Entertainment abused its power in the mega-concert industry.

The investigation should have started even before the ticket sale for Taylor Swift’s 2023 tour ended in chaos this week.

According to sources, in recent months, employees of the Ministry’s Antitrust Department have been contacting music venues and players in the ticket market to inquire about Live Nation’s practices and the actual dynamics of the industry.

The investigators seem to be expanding. They are now looking into whether the company actually has a monopoly, according to one of the Journal’s sources. The New York Times wrote that the sources will remain anonymous because the matter is so sensitive.

Live Nation was not immediately available for comment and a spokeswoman for the Justice Department declined to comment on the case, The New York Times writes.

Crashed after a high load

This investigation is the latest in a series by Live Nation Entertainment, the concert giant that emerged when Live Nation and Ticketmaster merged, and which was approved by the Department of Justice in 2010.

On Thursday, Ticketmaster canceled the planned sale of tickets for next year’s Taylor Swift concerts, after much stress on the systems. According to the BBC, two million tickets were sold in pre-sale, and regular ticket sales were due to begin on Friday.

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The company has received criticism that the site is down due to too much traffic. Ticketmaster blames the massive influx of bots and black market sharks.

– It is impossible for everyone to buy a ticket to these concerts, but we know we can do more to improve the experience, and this is what we are focusing on right now, the company wrote.

– This makes me angry

the artist himself He also made a statement.

“There are a number of reasons why people have problems getting tickets, and I’m trying to figure out how this situation can be improved,” Taylor Swift wrote on Instagram.

She wrote that they asked Ticketmaster several times if they were able to handle this kind of request, and that they made sure there was no problem.

– It’s really great that 2.4 million people got tickets, but what bothers me is that many feel that they have had numerous attacks on bears to get them, you write further.

It is not yet known how many tickets are left and when they will go on sale.

3.5 million people were pre-registered as “true fans”, and thus many of them were able to purchase tickets in the pre-sale.

In 2019, the last regular concert before the pandemic put an end to most events, Live Nation was responsible for as many as 40,000 events globally and sold 485 million tickets through Ticketmaster, writes The New York Times with reference to the company’s annual report.