tides, moon | The float that floats – everything is arranged to rejoice and share

tides, moon |  The float that floats – everything is arranged to rejoice and share

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There are those who would claim that astrology is just real nonsense. That we are not affected by celestial bodies and that everything that happens here on Earth is pure coincidence and has no relation to what is happening millions and billions of kilometers away in space. I recommend those skeptics to take a walk along the lake today and take a look at the water level.

The astrologer may immediately think that the Moon is already in the first or seventh house. An astronomer may realize that the Moon and the Sun are moving in the same direction or in the exact opposite direction. They both agreed that we are certainly affected by what happens far beyond the sphere in which we live. “Yat Pinde, Tat Brahminde” – “As above, so below,” says the astrologer.

This weekend’s spring tide is a clear example of cosmic forces manipulating the world’s oceans, but what about the tide that runs in the heart, as we say in Kristiansund? Don’t we know a little tear? Aren’t we also affected a little psychologically by the movement of the moon?

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Astronomy explores the physics of the universe, while astrologers explore the spirit of the universe. Each of us searches for our place in creation in our own way, and the entire human psyche is shaped by our desire to get to know the world around us better.

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“KJane, do you feel that, you feel a tingling feeling inside you, every time you see a UFO, and there’s a sun», sang 40 years ago in the Umbrella Revue.

Weather and tides affect moods and slip right into people’s souls. The moon, sun and other celestial bodies laugh in the background when they see the weekend coming with the spring float they have prepared. From their castles in the sky, they watch the buoy flutter in the hearts of people along the coast and land.

Another festive weekend awaits skeptics and fans. The Moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter is in the sign of Mars, everything is set for joy and prosperity.

Greetings from an astrological therapist.

Dalila Awolowo

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