TikTok-Norway with Zingko Zakung: – It is a platform for young people

TikTok-Norway with Zingko Zakung: – It is a platform for young people

gingko Zakung talks about the best and worst trends on TikTok.

You may know Zingko from Instagram and TikTok, where the 24-year-old puts together creative outfits.

Now she's sharing her favorites from influencers and the fashion world.

As of today, Zingko Zakung has managed to gain 122k followers on TikTok. In addition to 4.1 million likes.

But even if TikTok marked the beginning of his career, that's not necessarily where Zingko plans to end up. She studies journalism at Christiania University, and dreams of entering the world of documentary films.

We chat with Zingko Zakung about her thoughts on the app — plus her personal favorites and dangerous trends.

TikTok-Norway with Zingko Zakung: – It is a platform for young people

Hello Zingco! What was your first post on TT?

– Surprisingly, there was a video of me making the same facial expressions as Bill Skarsgård when he played Pennywise in the IT movies, and the video had half a million views. Unfortunately I deleted it because people started dueting🥹

What is your most popular post?

-Maybe on Instagram there is a photo of me and my friend Sophie. On TikTok, I'm actually not in control

Zinko and Sophie Fullan (Instagram/zingkozakung)

Zinko and Sophie Fullan (Instagram/zingkozakung)

What post do you think should have gotten more love?

– No one really shocked me, but perhaps the first Tik Tok I made was after the operation in which I was pregnant outside the womb.

In what ways is TT better/worse than other apps?

-I like TikTok because the threshold for posting content is lower than other apps. In addition, you can get information about various events that the news and media in Norway do not consider newsworthy.

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-At the same time, it is a time-consuming application.

Which Norwegian TT profile is your favorite right now?

– I don't know if she was trying, but there is a girl named Zaki Yalani. She can make me laugh any day. Honorable mentions are Utlending.memes and Mankegard.


Unfortunately, it's not my problem that my style is better than his

♬ SebCiel is weird please stop – 𝓐𝓁𝒧

Which international?

– It is impossible to choose one so here I have to choose two: Garrett Casto and Maxivasi0n.

Who would you most like to live with on TikTok?

-It has to be Mia Regan, she seems so calm when chatting with her + I'm dying for her easy style 😌

Is there anyone you can stay away from?

– Well, I'm not too keen on guys who shout when they argue, I think that would make the argument stronger: Parisbrevik, for example.


Top 3 songs on repeat on Spotify?

“Commas” by Arya Starr, “Places to be” by Fred Again and “Monsters Inc” by Ski Mask. future.

-But I have a separate app for unreleased Frank Ocean songs that I listen to every day 🧐


Nice haha! But what does Zingko Zakung's five-year plan look like?

-There is a lot of politics, humor and fashion. But alas, I'm now completely obsessed with bingo memes. I don't understand it myself🤷🏽‍♀️

Best/worst trend on TT?

-I think the trend of “feeling beautiful with a hijab” is very beautiful 💓 On the other hand, I don’t like “what I eat in a day”. I think it doesn't make sense. I think many influencers forget that TikTok is a platform for young people who are easily influenced, and who are in the process of finding themselves and being accepted.


♬ Lydia Dietz x Oblivion Grimes – Ariel

Tell us about the highlights of 2023?

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– A must have when you are in Berlin! I loved everything about that city and actually visited the only LGBTQ+ friendly mosque in the world!

What is the dream of 2024?

-I want to enter the world of documentaries! I have always been a curious person who loves exploring different viewpoints and surroundings, not least all the experiences this job offers you.

Two by two – Thank you very much, Zingkou!

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