June 2, 2023


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Oda Rikheim sitter med mobilen i hendene

Tiktok profile, Oda Rikheim abused on Tinder – NRK Oslo and Viken – Local News, TV & Radio

– I think it was very scary.

Oda Rikheim is in despair. On the dating app Tinder, a user with her name appeared.

The profile is marked with a blue icon.

The blue icon should indicate that the user is genuine. This is the fake user.

Photo: Oda Rikheim / screenshot

This means that the user has been verified. It should be a sign that the person behind the profile is real.

But it wasn’t Rikheim who invented it.

Who is really hiding behind you? For all I know, they could be people with dangerous intentions, she says.

The 22-year-old from Ski is a well-known face on social media. On TikTok, she has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Angry at Tinder – but Tinder isn’t sorry

In recent days, she has received several messages from people who think they match her.

They think I’m going on a date or having coffee with them. It’s unfortunate that Tinder didn’t do a good enough job before approving the user, says the 22-year-old.

Screenshot of the Instagram inbox

Unknown people who are ready for a date with Rikheim called on Instagram.

Users who think they have matched on Tinder with Oda Rikheim.  Message on Instagram

Unknown people who are ready for a date with Rikheim called on Instagram.

Screenshot from Instagram inbox

Unknown people who are ready for a date with Rikheim called on Instagram.

She is not angry with the person behind the dummy user.

– but I’m mad at Tinder because it’s possible. Not understand.

In order to verify the user, the person has to take pictures of himself in real time. These are compared to your uploaded profile pictures.

Oda Reckheim

Profile on Tiktok Oda Rikheim asks Tinder to step up the matter and take action. But Tinder chose not to apologize.

Photo: private

Tinder confirms that the fake user of Oda Rikheim has now been removed.

If a breach is detected, our team will manually review to confirm or remove the account, says Laura Wilkinson-Rea, Tinder’s Director of Communications in Northern Europe.

You won’t answer why the fake user has been verified.

We encourage anyone who thinks they are being spoofed on the app to contact our support team so we can take the necessary steps to remove the account, says Wilkinson-Ria.

ask for caution

This is neither the first nor the last time a person has experienced so-called identity theft, according to a social media expert.

So, it will always be interesting for someone to do this harm, either to play with identity, cheat or some other way, says Thomas Wald, associate professor at Nord University.

Associate Professor at Nord University, Thomas Wold.  Portrait picture.

Associate Professor at Nord University, Thomas Wold.

Photo: Jonas Schwarzwelder/Niels Deet

He believes that your name and credibility will always be fun for others to earn money. Now the companies behind the apps are being asked to take responsibility.

They have a responsibility and they have to take responsibility. When they give a blue icon that means verification, it must mean something. It must have been important to them too, Wolde says, that people trust her.

Oda Rikheim even uses Tinder with a real user. Now she is asking people to take care of her.

My best advice is to double check and verify that the person you are writing with on Tinder is real. Rickheim says be careful.


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