TikTok star Issa Ostling: – Rich men love me

TikTok star Issa Ostling: – Rich men love me


  • A Swedish TikTok star has more than half a million followers on social media and is open about her life as a transgender person
  • She receives a lot of hate but she also receives love from fans
  • Some of the fans are older
  • She wants to become the biggest influencer in Sweden and is focusing on her career

In recent years, TikToker and influencer Isa Östling has become a household name among “sweet bro”. The twenty-year-old has more than half a million followers On social mediaHe often shares from his life every day.

But even though the Swede says she loves life and doing what she loves best, it's not just about becoming a viral influencer:

-I get a lot of hate. But at the same time, hate comments make the algorithms expand, so I connect with more people. “It's really their loss,” she says in one. Tik Tok clips.

Breaking the silence: - Living nightmare

Breaking the silence: – Living nightmare

Shares publicly

Ostling, who usually resides in Stockholm, talks about the life of influencers in the world A new interview with the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

There she says she can talk about anything, but she's “kind of tired” of having to defend her trans journey:

– People play a lot of shit. But the most annoying thing is when people call me a man, share my old name and dig into my past. “I just want to live a normal life,” she told the newspaper.

Deleted: Karianne Vilde Spetalen deleted her Tiktok video after criticism. Reporter: That's it. Video: Nora Scavhoj.
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– Very strong hatred

Previously, the young Swede spoke candidly on TikTok about being shouted at in the street. It was said several times that she also received lewd comments because of her appearance.

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She says she's getting rid of it, but admits it was painful in the past:

– Fortunately, no one was physically violent. I am taller than everyone who shouts at me and they are afraid. Comment in the clip.

Earlier this year, Ostling became It was instigated on a public podcast Behind him stand three men. There it was discussed whether she was a girl or a boy, and one of the broadcasters said that he “did not see her as a girl.”

-The last thing trans people need is for more people to oppose them. “There is already a lot of hate towards us,” she replied. In a TikTok video at the time.

I had a lot of success: there will be criticism and praise in the comment fields for Issa.  Photo: Instagram.

I had a lot of success: there will be criticism and praise in the comment fields for Issa. Photo: Instagram.
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One of the YouTubers behind the podcast even responded that they stood by what they said — and that they didn't think they expressed themselves in a transphobic way:

-I believe that biological sex is linked to the reproductive organs. If it came out wrong, it wasn't meant to be. You get to know and feel exactly the way you want, and I don't care about that. “We also say that on the podcast,” one podcast host said. To Aftonbladet in February.

Danielle (33) was surprised: - I'm a virgin

Danielle (33) was surprised: – I'm a virgin

Despite his many rude styles, Östling also receives a lot of love from people of all ages:

– Many older men write to me, preferably celebrities. Rich men love me,” she says on TikTok.

She revealed to Aftonbladet that she has never been in a relationship, but says she is open to the idea.

– I have not yet settled in my love life. I know I still like men and I don't want someone my age. She told the newspaper that 55 years is a very old age, but perhaps around 30 years.

She also says that she will focus on her career as an influencer, and that she has clear goals for the future. One of these goals is “to become the biggest in Sweden” – and to become better at saving money.

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