Tiktoker dressed as Justin Bieber – in front of Bieber – VG

Tiktoker dressed as Justin Bieber - in front of Bieber - VG
Costume: Justin Bieber at the Food Gala in New York in September.

On Halloween, Ariel Vanderburgh dressed up as Justin Bieber – and saw him sitting on the sofa where she was. The video is now viral on TikTok.


Tiktoker Thearielle has around 865,000 followers on the platform. Her videos usually collect a little over 200,000 to around 2 million likes. But on Sunday it released a video special that was viewed 15.4 million times on Monday night.

“I just did it in my pants,” is Ariel’s caption to the subtitled video: “When you dress up like Justin Bieber for Halloween, he’s already at the party.”

In the video you can see Ariel dressed as Justin Bieber in the music video for the song “Holy”. She was wearing a yellow safety helmet and brown pants over a white jacket. It is also stained with what looks like oil. In Bieber’s video, he works on an oil rig wearing a similar outfit.

While walking down the hall, she saw a person in a bear suit sitting on the sofa. It looks like Justin Bieber.

Would you dress like your idol if you met him?

– Am I kidding? Am I kidding with you screaming smiling.

When Ariel approaches, he gets up and hugs her. There are also many guests in the room.

The case is on the website Dexter. They write that many of the video comments that Thearielle wore as a pop star for several years in a row.

PIG: Justin Bieber in the “Holy” music video from 2020.
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