December 6, 2022


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tin hag promises full ventilation after fading

tin hag promises full ventilation after fading

Eric ten Hag suffered a major setback in his first Manchester derby as Manchester United manager, but the Dutchman cannot dwell on the defeat at the Etihad.

Matches are approaching the cold in October, and already on Thursday Omonia Nicosia awaits in the European League.

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However, Ten Hag clearly thinks Sunday’s defeat was so bad that he sees the need for a rally at Carrington.

Need to speak out: It is essential that Eric Ten Hag put United’s ship on the right track after a solid performance against City. Matches are getting closer and closer to the cold in October.

– This was unacceptable. There will be an open door. As a team and as individuals, we will criticize each other. We will learn from it and improve. After the match, which was held on Sunday afternoon, Ten Hag explained that the match does start with the next match.

We did well against big teams like Liverpool and Arsenal when we were disciplined and followed the internal rules and principles. We had faith and then you can give a good performance that can give a good result. Tin Hag noted that when you don’t, you can get a result like this.

Tin Hag also explains that it is common to take steps back during a process like the one United is taking place now.

We must see a pattern develop in the right direction and I see, quite clearly, that it is happening, but you will have steps back in such a process and we must learn from it.

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