Tina, Goop | Coop Marked receives criticism after Tinemelk's prices

Tina, Goop |  Coop Marked receives criticism after Tinemelk's prices

– The price was very shocking, says Alpøy Nettavisen.

Steigen was shocked when he saw the prices of Dine Light Milk and Dine Whole Mille at his convenience store Coop Marked in Leines.

  • 1.75 liters of Dine Light milk costs NOK 36, one liter costs NOK 20.86.
  • At the same time, a 1.75-liter tiner of whole milk costs NOK 51, while a liter costs NOK 29.66.
  • Additionally, a liter of whole milk cost more in a 1.75 liter pack than in a normal liter carton.

Alpøy is particularly reactive to higher prices for whole milk.

– I think something is completely wrong when you know what a farmer gets versus what the milk is sold for, Kim Alboi tells Netavisen.

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Roughed up by the goop

“Coop Market is definitely so rude that words get worse,” Alboy wrote in a post on Facebook, where he shared a picture of milk prices.

The post received many reactions, with many agreeing that the large price difference was strange.

– I live in the district marked Cobb, which is the most expensive store chain of the cooperative, and the prices have only gone up and up in the past year, Albay tells Netavisen.

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He says he reacts strongly to higher prices especially with farmers in mind.

– When you know that a farmer only gets five kroner for a liter of raw milk, you can start to wonder how expensive it is to dine and shop from farmers, Albay explains to Netavisen.

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He added that he understood that the price of milk rises when fuel prices go up and many small milk producers close down.

Sorry Coop

Netavisen has contacted Coop to find out what happened.

– This is simply a mistake. The correct price for 1.75L whole milk from Tine at Coop Marked is NOK 40.90. Fortunately, we were able to adjust the price quickly and the item remained at the correct price throughout the day. We apologize for this short-lived error, and of course it should not have happened,” Coop wrote in an email to Netavision.

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