Tinder, Dating | She got banned from Tinder for life

Tinder, Dating |  She got banned from Tinder for life

One evening in April, Hedda Kristine Bremseth was supposed to be “swiping” a bit on one of the most popular dating apps on the market.

On Tinder, users create a profile with photos and can enter a short description of themselves. You can then ‘swipe’ left or right on other people’s profiles.

When Hedda was about to log in, she received an unexpected message. She is banned from Tinder. The ban didn’t last for two weeks or months – she was banned for the rest of her life.

Tinder has more than tens of millions of active users, and 10.8 million of them pay for additional services.

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“Are there any more of us dealing with him here?”

Gets a generic response from Tinder

Hedda emailed Tinder, but only received a general response from the dating app. You broke the guidelines.

– What I did was write this in my Tinder bio: “Be careful, or you’ll end up on my account.” It’s a quote from August Strindberg, she tells Netavien.

Hedda also made the short film “teeth” That defines online dating under a sense of humor.

Watch a clip from the short film that Hedda believes resulted in a life ban:

Can they help me get an office?

– Do you think it might have something to do with why you got banned?

– You make a movie about Tinder dating and then you get banned. It’s hard to say for sure, but it couldn’t be anything else. You confirm that I haven’t sent any mean messages or anything like that.

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She decided to take matters into her own hands.

– I thought: then I should call the national ink and say that they should help me get an office?

Send these emails to newsrooms in Norway. The daily newspaper Pick up the case first.

Received several hundred inquiries

Now, a week later, Hedda has received quite a few inquiries.

– I’ve received over a hundred inquiries. I’m very much looking forward to the sequel story along with the letter of recommendation. You’d better take care of the inquiries. She jokes that sitting down and answering on social media takes a lot of work.

Although there are a number of other dating apps out there, like Happn and Hinge, Hedda chose to abstain entirely after her experience with Tinder:

From experience, I think people like to go out and meet each other face to face. The app lists a lot of cool things happening around us. And she concludes that when you first commit to meeting strangers, it creates some mystery of what’s going on around you and the things you want to be a part of.

Tinder is used by communications agency Släeger in Norway. They do not want to explain to Nettavisen, Dagbladet or Hedda why she is banned for life. The reason is privacy concerns. Read their full response below.

– I hope people stay calm

Bår Stenvik is the author of The Big Game – which offers tips on how to survive in the world of algorithms. He asserts that when companies gain monopoly power, it has severe consequences for users and society.

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– They are big players and in some way they have become a kind of legislator. It’s a place where a lot of people want to be social and you don’t have many other options. They regulate the public sphere in practice, without having to take responsibility for it. We don’t have any democratic influence, Steinvik tells Netaviesen.

Stensvik explains that he’s generally talking about the business model of the big international companies, and therefore Tinder as well.

– What do you think is the reason why Tinder isn’t detailed?

– I think they hope people stay calm. I think they calculated the cost of having good customer service and found it just not worth it. It also acts as a deterrent. If you have bad customer service, users think there’s no point in complaining, he says.

This can also cause users to be extra careful not to get kicked out. Stenvik also notes that the company may have algorithms in place that help identify who is breaking guidelines.

Unspecified and unpredictable. Nor will they expand on how algorithms work.

To get more transparency, a bigger player than the press and consumers must demand more transparency.

– They make changes and interventions that have serious consequences for people’s lives, but it takes a long time before the authorities and the press find out about the serious consequences. We’ve got players with global strength against small countries like Norway who we should have said less.

Tinder is not responding

Nettavisen asked Släeger the following questions:

1. How can such a large market player defend banning someone for life?

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2. What are the criteria for banning someone for life?

3. We criticize Tinder’s lack of response to press when critical questions are asked. How does communication between Tinder and liaison agency Slager work in such cases? Who decides Tinder isn’t responding, and on what basis?

Suzanne Bettum, junior counsel at Släeger, says Tinder doesn’t release information about individual members for privacy reasons. Bitum maintains that if anyone thinks they were wrongfully blocked, they can contact customer service.

Haida Primesith has already done it. The email was sent to Släeger which was received by Bremseth..

Since Tinder can’t comment to the press as to why Hedda was banned for life, we asked why Tinder wouldn’t explain to Hedda what she did wrong. Tinder doesn’t want to answer that either.

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