Tinder is popular in January – VG

Tinder is popular in January – VG

However, one expert warns against this trend.


Caught on the swiping wave? In January, numbers for dating app Tinder skyrocketed.

In a press release, they wrote that an additional 11.4 million messages were sent globally from January 1 through Valentine's Day on February 14 – globally.

Britt Handegaard (25) knows this, and on New Year's Eve, she decided to put more effort into her love life.

– I completely reset my profile and had “my own photo shoot,” says the 25-year-old.

Handgaard works as a bioengineer in Oslo, but is originally from Sandnes. But baby, you haven't found it yet.

-I made a New Year's resolution to have at least one date a month.

On fishing

The Sandnes woman says she wants to find a partner soon – because it's nice to spend the winter with someone else, and because at 25 she thinks it's time.

– It goes well with a girlfriend in the winter, or at least someone you can meet regularly.

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She also confirmed that it was New Year's Eve, an evening she believes is best spent as a couple.

-It's a typical celebration you do as a couple. There were probably many who sat alone and knew this.

yes or no?  According to Tinder's numbers, many people have hope this January that love is just a click away.

Frodi Thoen, a psychology professor at Høgskolen på Vestlandet University, was not surprised by the large numbers.

– There may be several reasons. First of all, it is the beginning of a new year, and many people may have the intention of getting a partner in the coming year. Many also left Christmas and New Year celebrations behind, feeling more lonely and missing their partner.

He adds that many of them are usually indoors more during the winter months.

– There's more going on at home, so don't meet as many people if you don't have a partner to be with.

Skeptical: But the professor realizes that many people are turning to online dating.

The professor believes that searching for a partner online is not exactly easy.

– I'm skeptical of Tinder and this kind of apps, because they hurt and can damage people's love lives in many ways.

By this Thawne means that there are many who suffer from the inability to find a partner out there, and that rejection can become a burden.

– There is one group in particular that receives the largest number of offers, and preferably the most attractive ones.

He says that again leads to rejection.

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He who is considered the most attractive cannot help but pick and choose, he says and confirms:

But those who can, know that the relationship involves challenges and compromises.

However, he believes that many people use typical verification apps just to flirt or get someone to chat with.

– Inhibition

Handegard, 25, also recognizes the immediate focus on appearance in the app.

“There will be many.”matchesmatchesIt is indicated when two Tinder profiles like each other. “And the messages, but they are very superficial. I think there are a lot of people who miss the feeling that someone wants to be with you.

It also confirms the professor's statement that one is a simple return.

– This is a bit frustrating. Many of my friends have lost their faith, because you rarely feel special.


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