– To be a role model – VG

- To be a role model - VG
Appears: Ola Hoffton Lillian appears to be gay in a post on Instagram.

Drammen HK player Ola Hoftun Lillelien (22) reveals his secret in an Instagram post.


– Not for my own part, but to be a role model. Not only for young people, but for everyone, Lillian writes Position.

Trammen Tidende He mentioned the case first.

Only six months ago he told family, friends and colleagues that he did not end up with a “handsome girl” but rather with a “handsome guy”.

– There is only positive feedback. I did not receive a single negative comment. Lillian tells Vijay that she did this to show others that it works in the sports environment as well.

The post ends with a quote from King Harold’s well-known text from 2016:

“Norway is for boys who love men, women who love women and girls and boys who love each other.”

– I have always loved the royal family and think it was a wonderful talk. That there is another generation, and that someone like the king says. This creates an acceptance. Norway is for everyone, there is room for everyone here, says the volleyball expert.

On the same day that Lillian posted a post on Instagram on April 21st, it is 50 years since homosexuality was declared innocent in Norway.

– It goes out occasionally, and then I thought it would be a good day to do it. I think it should be set up in a natural way, he says.

The 22-year-old writes that he did not seek confirmation or recognition for the position and would proudly thank those who fought for the right to love whoever he was before him.

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Very few male volleyball players stand alone in Norway. Viktor Tollefsbøl, Are Grongstad and Ole André Lerang have done this before him.

– The team has known it for a while, so it’s not hard, it was really tasty. Then I stopped whispering and whipping, says Lillian and continues:

– I have received a lot of messages from enemies who say this is incredibly difficult, so you feel very safe. There is transparency. The game is about solidarity and community.

In October 2021, Australian footballer Josh Cavallo appeared in a tearful video:

– Why do you think there are so few who have come out before you?

– Lack of prototypes has occurred. Being first is always scary, but there may be those who do not need to stand up. There are a lot of things around it, so you have to be prepared for that. It’s a little distracting from the game, 22-year-old answers.

Christian Kelling played professional handball in Norway and abroad. Now he’s Lillelien’s coach at Drammen HK, and the 22 – year – old says he’s glad he felt safe enough to stand alone.

– Ola announced it without standing in front of the team. He has said little to various individuals, friends and family in the group. The only thing I was interested in as his coach was that he felt safe and well received, Kelling tells Vijay.

Happiness: Christian Kelling is happy that Ola Hoftun Lillelien is safe enough to stand up.

– Did you have more transparency after becoming a professional?

– that is enough. I think the problem would not have come even if someone had come ten years ago. But when I played abroad, some people from other cultures had a different view of it, Kelling continues:

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– I think it’s a bit difficult for us not to face that challenge. We can not always understand what it will be like, so Ola can break some of the barriers out there, I think very good.

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