June 5, 2023


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To Bolzano DiCaprio: - He must shut his mouth

To Bolzano DiCaprio: – He must shut his mouth

On April 28, actor Leonardo DiCaprio posted on Twitter about Amazon.

“Brazil is home to the Amazon and other important ecosystems that are critical to climate change,” he wrote.

The actor is known for his work on climate. He has been an environmental activist for decades, and he is among others Praised Norway To close the latest coal burning power plant in Longyearbyen.

In his tweet about Amazon, he added a link to get information on how Brazilians vote in elections in Brazil.

Thus the President of Brazil can be seen in red.

– He has to shut his mouth

Bolzano spoke to a group of voters gathered outside the official presidential building on Tuesday.

DiCaprio must now know that the WTO leader said the world would be starving without Brazilian agriculture, ”Bolzano said in his speech. CNN.

– So DiCaprio should keep his mouth shut instead of telling lies.

The destruction of the Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest, has increased significantly since Bolzano took office in 2019.

Brazil: Controversial Presidential Photo by Bolzano: Eraldo Perez / AB

Thanks for the support

The controversial Chancellor did not comment on DiCaprio’s tweet. The day after DiCaprio tweeted, Bolzano reportedly responded by saying “thank you” for the support.

– Thanks for your support, Leo! It is very important that all Brazilians vote in the upcoming election. “Our people will decide whether to keep our sovereignty in the Amazon or be ruled by villains who serve special foreign interests,” the president told CNN, which ended well in The Revenant.

In Brazil, voting is not mandatory for 16- to 18-year-olds. As a result, many local artists and celebrities have called for the people to vote in the October elections.

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