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– It is labor intensive. As the deadline approaches, the pressure and stress increases. A local union leader says there is a situation where people are needed more Norwegian Pilots AssociationAlexander Wasland to NRK.

He has come to the talks in Stockholm to support the pilots in the final stages of mediation.

Alexander Wasland of the Norwegian Pilots Association speaks to journalists outside Naringslivets Hus in Stockholm.


talk to each other

Mediation is in full swing at SAS Airlines. If the parties do not reach an agreement before midnight, 900 pilots could go on strike.

However, there will be improvement on Friday.

– Swedish mediator Jan Sjölin tells TT news agency that it is advantageous for you to speak directly.

Sjölin says the brokers have taken a step back because the parties in the SAS settlement are now talking together.

Generally, the parties sit in a mediation in their respective chambers and rarely interact directly. If the mediators step back and allow the parties to talk together without their intervention, that is usually considered progress in the negotiations.

Sjölin insists that mediators are available to the parties. If there is a dispute or disagreement, they clean up and try to reverse the process.

Passengers at Oslo Airport.

There were long queues at Oslo Airport on Friday. Strikes are among the many factors that have caused problems for travelers across Europe. A strike at SAS can be devastating.

Photo: Kari Stokke Nielsen / NRK

– No solution

Chances of layoffs are still high. Mediator Mats Ruland says they are not over the finish line yet.

– We are working, there is movement, but we do not have a solution, he writes an SMS to NRK on Friday morning.

He would not provide further information.

– We are currently working very hard to find a solution as the last thing we want is to ruin our passengers’ holidays. But now that it is entirely in the hands of the SAS management, we will never be able to participate in tearing down the Scandinavian model.

This is what Roger Cloxett says. He is president of the Norwegian SAS Pilots Association.

Lock Roger Cloxet, President of the Norwegian SAS Pilots Association

Roger Cloxet, president of the Norwegian SAS Pilots Association, would not comment on the arbitration. He said he was working hard to resolve the conflict.

Photo: Astri Huso / NRK

Thousands may be affected

A major strike among SAS pilots will affect much of the company’s traffic.

A strike would affect around 250 daily departures and 45,000 passengers across Scandinavia, TT said.

Analysts estimate that a strike would cost SAS NOK 80-100 million. weekday

– It’s a difficult situation, Alexander Wasland tells NRK.

He says pilots want good cooperation with SAS.

NRK contacted SAS. They would not comment on Friday morning’s mediation.

This is the conflict

The SAS and their pilots disagreed over pay.

The main point of conflict was the creation of two staff organizations.

When the pandemic hit, about 560 pilots lost their jobs. At the same time, SAS established two subsidiaries. They are named SAS Connection and SAS Connection. These will take over the planes and be filled with new pilots.

SAS pilots who were made redundant during the pandemic will get their jobs back.

They say the SAS is trying to avoid its obligations to bring back sacked pilots.

SAS rejects this. They believe that the company is responsible for all contracts.

According to the pilots union, pilots have agreed to 25 percent savings measures.

In return, their members are assured of SAS affiliation and new jobs filled in SAS affiliation.

– VI entered arbitration with a major disagreement based on SAS management’s evasion of our collective agreements. This is through new hires at staffing agencies while 450 laid-off pilots are on the street, while they want great deals on our already competitive contracts. Roger Cloxett.

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