June 8, 2023


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To the mayor and deputy mayor of M'diq: - What is the logic?

To the mayor and deputy mayor of M’diq: – What is the logic?

I’m eit Reader’s Posts In Sunnmørsposten, Mayor Eva Hove and Deputy Mayor Viktor Valdal in Fjord Municipality will provide input for the planning work for E39/E136 Digernesskiftet-Ørskogfjellet.

It may appear that the authors are looking to hit the road for the greatest possible benefit to the municipality of the strait, notwithstanding the drawbacks presented by their proposals for other places along the planned route.

As far as I know, there are entrances and exits planned from the new E39 in Digernesskiftet, in Drgsundet and in Ørskogfjellet. Public transport and other motor vehicle traffic in the future must also follow the existing routes in which people live, and connect to the new E39 in places for which this host is set up, and those who will benefit, for example, from long-distance buses to and from my generator, One of these touch points must be turned on and off. This is also the case today, as one has collected some points of contact for public transport, such as Sjøholt, Digernesskiftet and Moa. Why future long-distance buses should definitely go via Sjøholt, and not pick up passengers and drop them off at one of the planned connection points, perhaps only the authors understand. When it comes to motor vehicle traffic other than Fjord municipality, they say it’s as important to call the new route line as far away in Landedalen as the advice. why is that?

Whether cars, for example from Stordal, which will continue to Molde, or public transport passengers traveling on the same route, drive a Landedalen on the existing road, up to the Fjellstova area or a little further into the valley, and connect to the new road in this city Or the other city, for me it is as hip as it is. Likewise for those who may wish to use the new E39 Western. They must then drive to Drgsundet or Digernesskiftet and connect to the new E39 there. This is not where the flaws and challenges lie. All existing methods should and should be the same as they are today. They’ll only get less traffic than your long-distance traffic, and then move to the new E39. The authors also want a new route line that will be much cheaper so that one can use the investment money saved to improve the E136 up to Romsdalen. The improvement and/or alteration of the E136 route at Romsdalen has nothing to do with the Digernesskiftet section to Ørskogfjellet, and therefore should not be included as an argument for a new route line for E39 in the said section.

Since the authors want the new E39 to follow an essentially new route, I find it somewhat illogical to suggest a tunnel along the Apalset to Landedalen, behind the Sjøholt Centre. Why should there be a tunnel here, when they don’t think there is a need for a tunnel along Sforta to Håhjem? It is the narrowest and toughest city along the entire route. The new road that follows the new road line, will not only destroy the whole village, but also cause us the disadvantages of noise, pollution, etc. Svorta / Valle / Håhjem? Where is the logic here?

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