Today Johnny Depp and Amber Heard meet in court – VG

Today Johnny Depp and Amber Heard meet in court - VG
BITTER: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, pictured here in London in 2020 in connection with Depp’s lawsuit against the News Group Newspaper.

Johnny Depp, 58, and his ex-wife Amber Heard, 35, are both in Fairfax County, Virginia to clarify who he slandered who.


Hollywood stars, that was Married from 2015-2017She has been in a fierce struggle for nearly five years. The trial began Monday in Fairfax County Court.

However, the first day was devoted to the selection of the jury independent He writes that both Depp and Heard are in the courtroom.

CourtTV has tweeted what should be photos and video of Depp and Heard – separately – on their way to court:

Washington Post He writes that the trial may last at least six weeks.

A number of onlookers had gathered outside the courtroom, some carrying posters with expressions of sympathy for one or the other.

Judge Benny Azkarat according to diverse Due to a clear ban on camping in the overnight court area.

DEPP SUPPORT: Many Johnny Depp fans gathered outside a Fairfax County courthouse on Monday.

Depp was the first to go to court against his ex-wife with a claim of 450 million crowns, because he claims she spoke insincerely about the abuse in Long post in the Washington Post. Heard’s accusations are that Depp offended her Physically and mentally during their relationship.

Amber Heard: Depp’s allegations threatened to kill her

Hearing support: Many also show sympathy for Amber Herad.

Heard responded with a counterclaim for twice the amount, and Depp’s claim is now also close to NOK 900 million.

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I heard: – I love Johnny

On Sunday, Heard published a long written post Instagramwhere she announced to her 4.1 million followers that she will log her out of social media for several weeks due to the trial.

In the post, she explained that she was sued by Depp, at the same time confirming that she never mentioned him in the controversial press publication.

«JI have always kept my love for Johnny, and it pains me so much that we have to reveal the details of our former cohabitation with the whole world.’,” she writes – adding that she hopes both can move on with their lives when this case is over.

number of celebrities They will be called as witnesses, including SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk (50) and movie star James Franco (43). Hollywood stars Paul Bettany (50) and Ellen Barkin (67) will also be called up.

In addition, a number of emails and other written communications between the parties and other actors will be filed in court.

Documents: Here, boxes upon boxes of documents are taken to the courtroom on Mondays.

Allegations of abuse were also the background to Depp’s failed suit Against Dan Wootton, 39, editor-in-chief of Britain’s newspaper The Sun, as well as against parent company News Group Newspaper.

The British news giant in 2018 stamped the Deep in the name of wife banks. Depp sued in England, lost and appealed. The appeal was refused twiceInstead, DEEP was imposed To pay more than seven million crowns to the newspaper.

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Judge Judge Nicole thought he was credible when she was Depp’s ex-wife She said she feared for her life.

For his part, Depp claims that his ex-wife made fun of his life and ruined his career. In court, he described himself as “easy change”.

The Hollywood star, known from such films as “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Edward Scissors”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “What’s up with Gilbert Grape”, has missing jobs and closer It was blacklisted by the film industry.

Depp and Heard met and fell in love while filming a movie “Diaries of the Roman” In 2011:

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