Today, this plane made its last journey

Today, this plane made its last journey

On Friday, the DA-20 Jet Falcon electronic warfare jet will be operational for the last time. It would be great in Stavanger.

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The DA-20 Jet Falcon flew around the world on missions to Norway and NATO. Now, after 50 years of operations at home and abroad. Is this over? The mission will be carried out by other aircraft in the Norwegian Armed Forces, primarily the F-35 and P-8 Poseidon.

– Electronic warfare jets have been a formidable effort for decades, and we thank the force and crew for their efforts, Norwegian Air Force Chief Rolf Folland said in a press release.

The DA-20 Jet Falcon is used for information gathering, electronic warfare and transportation.

– Till the last day of operation, we have done a lot of amazing work. We’re going down with the flag up and we’ve made a difference to Norway and NATO,” says Squadron Commander Tom Corby.

On Friday, September 30, the plan is to fly the remaining two machines over parts of western and eastern Norway, before making a final landing at Gardermoen Airport.

After 12 o’clock, they fly low over Stavanger. Here is the full timetable:

11.00 Gardermon (Take off)

11.05 West towards Bergen

11.15 Nesbyen

11.35 Bergen

12.05 Stavanger

12.20 Listing

12.35 Kjevik

At 12.55 Sandefjord/Torp

Again at 13.05

1:20 pm Oslo (Central)

Basement at 1.25 p.m

At 13.40 Gardermon Airport

1.45 pm Gardermon (Descent)

You can read more about the DA-20 here.

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